Time to upgrade your farm management practices?

Finding the right technology to help you make the most of your farm land can seem like a daunting task. We spoke to MuddyBoots Software about how their latest technology can work for the modern farmer. 

As new technology updates keep on coming, changing from your current farm management practices – whether that be a paper-based system or another software solution – can seem an arduous task, especially during your busiest times. But, making the switch can give you back valuable time in your day and help you to become more efficient.

On any given day of the week, when your input, sign-off or opinion is needed in several areas of the farm, Greenlight Farm Management (GLFM) makes this ‘digitally’ possible.  Here’s how it can help you during your busiest times…

Work on the move 

Gone are the days of having to wait until you are back at your desk to upload geolocated pictures of problems as you encounter them, with the GLFM iOS app you can record a problem, geolocate it and evidence with a photograph taken there and then. Hit the ‘sync’ button and all of your information will update when you have internet signal. Real-time data ensures that everyone is working with the most up-to-date information. Interacting with your workforce, contractors and agronomists from any location has therefore never been easier.


With selective privacy and user permissions you can choose who views sensitive data; whether you want to allocate application reports or field data to certain members of your team, or keep financial permissions to yourself. Robust, secure cloud technology keeps everything safe and accessible.

Invite your farm workers and operators onto the GLFM platform

When time-critical business decisions are part of your everyday, having instant access to crop and farm data can be crucial. GLFM makes it quick and simple to collaborate and share tasks with your team, therefore sharing the workload and empowering your workforce, reducing the administrative burden on you.

Quick and simple to use

As the world becomes more digital, it only gets harder to maintain records and ensure compliance using a paper-based system. GLFM is easy-to-use and set up; you can also migrate historical records from another platform to make sure all your records remain easily accessible. For those moments when you need extra support, the company has a full support team at your disposal and every user has a dedicated account manager.

Be audit ready at the touch of a button

Audits can put the most organised farm offices into admin chaos. All of the reports and recommendations in GLFM are audited against regulatory and legislative approvals and easily accessible, so you can be confident that you can demonstrate adherence to product use guidelines and safety requirements – and better still, quickly share in PDF format with your auditor.

Why use Greenlight Farm Management?

  • Easy to set up intuitive platform
  • Forward thinking farm management software, trusted to manage over 50 per cent of UK arable farmland
  • Experts in farming, agronomy and software development, the company has over 25 years experience and is constantly developing with its customers in mind
  • Free customer support – UK-based customer support team at your disposal
  • All your data in one place – future proof your farm to maintain records and ensure compliance.

How much does it cost?

Subscriptions start from £255/year, all subscriptions include a 30-day free trial and you can receive 20 per cent off your first year’s subscription when you use code: FarmersGuide

“Straightforward and incredibly useful”

Rob Aitken, Traprain Farm, East Lothian, said: “At the age of 64, I was a bit reluctant to embrace this new technology but since I’ve started to use Greenlight Farm Management, I’ve found it both straightforward and incredibly useful, helping me to quickly find records of any field from any year that I wish to extract information from. To any farmer wishing to use Greenlight Farm Management, I would encourage them to do so without hesitation.”

For more information visit the MuddyBoots website.

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