Unprecedented levels of land drainage activity

Following another extremely wet autumn and winter, and continued national threats of flooding, demand has risen for land drainage. We spoke to one specialist about the increased business they have seen

The last autumn and winter provided a near carbon copy of the wet conditions which were previously witnessed in autumn 2019. Arable operations came to an abrupt stop and harvesting of root crops and maize was a severe issue. The scars of rutted fields and standing water were on display throughout the winter on many farms across the UK.

As a result, demand for land drainage has been significant and Will Mitchell of land drainage specialist William Morfoot Ltd comments: “The winter and spring period have seen unprecedented levels of land drainage activity taking place. Aside from the installation of new land drainage schemes, there has been a substantial demand for our ditching services, as existing ditches have struggled to cope with the flows and volumes of water which have needed to drain away over the last few months.”

Mr Mitchell continues: “We have seen many light land farms struggling with drainage issues as well this winter. Many old ponds which typically only hold a small amount of water have not only filled – but have overtopped. This has led to a widespread need to look closely at the way water is managed and controlled across farms in order to prevent significant damage and cost to high value crops.”

William Morfoot Ltd delivers comprehensive land drainage schemes including all design work and installation work to farm businesses across the UK. Works include design and surveying, land drain installation, ditch maintenance/ improvement and wider drainage infrastructure improvements.

To find out more visit www.williammorfoot.co.uk

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