Winter wheat RL Harvest Results ahead of five-year average

Further Harvest Results for AHDB Recommended Lists (RL) winter wheat trials show that yields are ahead of the five-year average.

Further Harvest Results for AHDB Recommended Lists (RL) winter wheat trials are reported (2 September 2019). Results include 10 treated sites: Devon, East Lothian, Essex, Kent, Lincolnshire (x2), North Yorkshire (x2) and Suffolk (x2). The average yield of control varieties in these trials stands at 12.17t/ha, ahead of the five-year average of 11.30t/ha, reports AHDB.

The Group 4 varieties LG Skyscraper (soft) and Gleam (hard) are the highest yielding at 105%, followed by KWS Kerrin (hard, 104%), LG Spotlight (soft, 103%), RGT Gravity (hard, 103%) and Graham (hard, 103%). The top yielding nabim Group 1 bread variety is Crusoe (100%), LG Detroit and KWS Extase are the highest yielding nabim Group 2 bread wheats (101%) and KWS Firefly and KWS Barrel lead the nabim Group 3 biscuit yields (102%).

AHDB says that the five-year average is a better measure of variety performance over the past five seasons (2015 to 2019). Current good performers, based on five-year average yields alone, include the soft Group 4 varieties LG Skyscraper (105%), as well as the hard Group 4 varieties RGT Gravity (103%), Gleam (103%) and KWS Kerrin (103%). Based on these figures, the highest yielding nabim Group 1 variety is KWS Zyatt (99%). The nabim Group 2 varieties with the highest yields are KWS Siskin (100%) and KWS Extase (100%). For nabim Group 3, KWS Firefly and KWS Barrel, both with a yield of 101%, have highest yields for the Group.

Looking at the five-year averages for Candidates, the Group 4s are performing well on yield: KWS Kinetic (hard, 104%), LG Graduate (soft, 103%), RGT Lantern (hard, 102%), KWS Parkin (hard, 101%), Elysium (soft, 101%) and Theodore (hard, 99%). The potential bread-making variety RGT Blossom (99%) is also performing well on yield.

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