Major developments for drill range

The Fentech Agri drill range has grown significantly in 2023/2024 and the company is keen to show the new options to customers at this year’s Cereals event. The major developments come mainly in the form of ‘options’.

Fentech seed drill
Simtech TS-480 LP, photographed at LAMMA 2024.

There is the option of electric drive and calibration on the mechanical models now, moving away from the ground wheel to a more accurate method to meter those expensive seed mixes and simplify the calibration process. Split hoppers are available on both front and rear folding drill models, with dual metering and options for companion cropping and fertiliser application in the same pass.

Fentech Agri has partnered with Regenovation, a Horizon Agriculture sister company, to utilise its reliable and proven metering alongside the simple and robust Fentech Agri Simtech seeders. Wet weather kits are available to aid drilling in sticky conditions and the development of the non-seeder range is in full force, with subsoilers and straw rake/shallow cultivators to round off the Fentech Agri farming system.

The 3m mechanical drills have had a face lift to reduce the number of parts and streamline the manufacturing while increasing quality and aligning with current safety regulations. The hopper capacities have also slightly increased over previous models to all be greater than 1,000 litres on the small 3m machines.

Fentech Agri can now also offer front hoppers, with single or dual product meters, split 60:40 or 80:20. This opens up the possibilities of utilising the seeders for companion cropping, fertiliser and slug pellet application along with the main seed. Alternatively the baffle is removable to allow a single product filling the complete 1,800-litre hopper.

Combined with a new uprated control system from MC electronics, there are a number of new possibilities including blockage sensing and seed counting, with the aim to move away from kg/ha calibration to seeds per square metre in the future. The rear hopper folding drills have also had the same option added with a 75:25 split hopper and dual metering if required. The overall capacity still remains at 1,700 litres.

Fentech drill
Fentech drill

The introduction of a 4.8m lightweight tine version of the drill was launched this year. This is aimed at contractors and farmers alike requiring higher output pasture work combined with a mix of direct drilled arable.

With the current pressures in farming, reduction of input costs, adoption of no-till and direct drilling and associated SFI payments, machinery choice is more important than ever. Fentech Agri is always happy to discuss various options to help you improve your farming system. Visit the company on stand 1121 at Cereals to discuss options further and see how it can help you to cost effectively reduce your inputs and maximise your farm’s potential.

Cereals stand number: 1121

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