How do we measure ‘environmentally good’, and how will this impact on productive land?

Farming and food production is full of uncertainty at the moment – driven by the extreme wet weather, funding for environmental schemes taking priority over growing crops, and lack of data for decision-making.

The grain market is putting a lot of faith in Mother Nature to perform

Major wheat exporter stocks are already the lowest they have been for a decade, and the market appears to have very little risk premium factored in for any major weather issues.

New liquid NPKS fertilisers range boosts yield and quality

Omex has introduced a new, specialised and premium quality NPKS liquid fertiliser range, Multiflo, to enhance yield and quality, whilst reducing fertiliser inputs.

£3.3m granted for project to cut down dependence on mineral nitrogen fertilisers

A major on-farm trial and research project that seeks to significantly reduce the dependence of UK grassland farming on mineral nitrogen fertilisers has been granted a £3.3 million boost from Defra.

Farmers need photo ID to purchase fertiliser this spring

The Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC), is reminding farmers of the need to provide photo ID while purchasing ammonium nitrate (AN) fertiliser, ahead of the busy spring application campaign.

Farmers must use urea fertiliser inhibitors to avoid government restrictions  

Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC) warns farmers across England who are preparing for the busy spring season to remember to use an inhibitor when applying urea fertilisers. It will allow them to avoid further government restrictions and help improve air quality.

New liquid NPKS range boosts crop yield and quality

A new addition to Omex’s NPKS liquid fertiliser range is offering enhanced yields and quality, as well as reducing fertiliser inputs.

Yield and environmental benefits of autumn-applied multi-nutrient fertiliser

An autumn application of ICL Polysulphate multi-nutrient fertiliser to supplement conventional spring timings can increase wheat yields by 0.3t/ha and significantly decrease leaching of N and P over the winter months, new independent trials are suggesting.

John Deere and Yara on a mission to boost fertiliser efficiency

John Deere and Yara have announced a partnership that will help farmers transition to a more sustainable food system through optimising their use of fertilisers.

Organic fertiliser: 420kg increase of dry matter within one month on West Dorset Farm

In the heart of a West Dorset dairy farm, sustainability is at the forefront of farm management philosophy. Adam Holman serves as the dedicated assistant farm manager. Recognising the importance of responsible farming, Adam has taken significant steps to minimise the farm’s environmental impact. One such step is reducing reliance on chemical fertilisers, which can have adverse effects on the environment if not managed carefully.

Free resource to help raise awareness of new fertiliser photo ID requirements

A free downloadable flyer has been released by the Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC) to help inform farmers and growers of new photo ID requirements for ammonium nitrate fertilisers coming into force this autumn.

How can green fertilisers transform the food system?

At a time of much uncertainty in UK agriculture, companies like Yara are taking a long and confident view of the future. With construction of a $150 million production facility about to start in the UK plus the development of new green fertilisers and digital tools, Jari Pentinmäki, managing director of Yara UK, thinks there’s cause for optimism.

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