Growing potatoes in a more regenerative way

A discussion at Groundswell highlighted the potential to grow potatoes in a regenerative way – producing good, quality yields thanks to good soil analysis and careful management, leading to a reduction in inputs while maintaining yields.

Mancozeb approval may be withdrawn following recent review

Following a review done by the UK’s Health and Safety Executive, the governmental body proposes to withdraw approval for the active substance mancozeb, a multi-site fungicide.

Agrii: Helping growers be better at producing potatoes

Potato cyst nematodes and wireworm are amongst the greatest challenges facing growers. Without better control of both, the economic viability of potato production is under threat, but with fewer crop protection solutions to this dilemma finding a way to protect yields and quality is proving difficult. Agrii explains more.

Potato seed: Grab early disease suppression opportunity

Seed potato producers are being urged to treat disease-susceptible stocks with a fungicide during the first grading window after the tricky harvest hindered earlier applications.

Late blight: Threat of resistant strains in Europe looms

Population monitoring has revealed little change in the British late blight population during 2023, but the threat from resistant strains in Europe looms large and will require the use of robust anti-resistance fungicide strategies next year.

Specialist vegetable machinery manufacturer seeks new dealers

Burdens’ specialist vegetable machinery department is looking for more dealers for the Struik range of potato equipment.

Can a biostimulant improve your potato crop?

British potato farmers have been facing significant challenges in recent years. The costs of production have all increased substantially and the sector is also being asked to become more sustainable. Everybody wants more predictability in the cost of inputs, marketable yield and the selling price at the farm gate. More and more UK potato farmers are turning to biostimulants to mitigate these challenges. Maxstim Ltd CEO Richard Salvage and CSO Dr Colin Fleming, who are both research scientists at the Institute of Global Food Security at Queens University, Belfast, explain.

Branston’s new protein extraction facility appoints manager

National potato supplier Branston has appointed a new general manager for its pioneering protein extraction facility, in preparation for full scale production and commercialisation of potato protein in early 2024.

The British Potato Show 2023 returns to Harrogate this November

With preparations for the new year in motion and the harvest season typically concluded, the British Potato Show (BP2023) will return on 22nd-23rd November to the Yorkshire event centre in Harrogate.

Seed potato trade to resume between Scotland and NI

NFU Scotland welcomed the news, but warned the UK government must double its efforts to unlock the damaging post-Brexit loss of trade with the rest of the EU.

Crop nutrition and Net Zero: When is enough, enough?

Extreme weather events driven by climate change and industry net zero commitments are focusing the potato supply chain’s attention on how to reduce the crop’s carbon footprint. Andrew Blair, field technical manager at the UK’s largest potato supplier, Branston, explains how an Innovate UK funded project is examining the potential for reducing carbon in potato production from growing through to storage and transport.

How to tackle late blight after an unusually wet summer

Outbreaks of late blight are springing up in potato crops across the country following an unusually wet July and early August. Fortunately, EU_43_A1 has yet to be found in the samples analysed, but growers must remain vigilant.

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