Virus yellows threat: Grower confident in variety choice

With a lot of uncertainty this spring, a Suffolk sugar beet grower who hasn’t opted for Cruiser-treated seed is nervous about aphids but has confidence in his variety choice.

Six new varieties added to the 2025 sugar beet list

The British Beet Research Organisation (BBRO) has announced new and withdrawn varieties on the sugar beet list, bringing it to a total of 22 varieties for 2025.

Sugar beet experts give their advice for this spring

Experts from Ceres Rural, British Sugar and De Sangosse discussed the prospects for sugar beet this season and recommendations for herbicide programmes in a webinar hosted by UPL.

British Sugar will cover 75% of farmers’ diversion costs

British Sugar has committed to covering 75% of farmers’ diversion costs following a difficult harvest. 

New end dates for sugar beet campaign announced

British Sugar has just released new end dates for each of its factory sites, extending the deadline for farmers whose beet is still in the ground. 

Threshold for neonicotinoid seed treatment use reached 

Following the emergency approval granting sugar beet growers to use Cruiser SB for virus yellows control, the threshold for use has now been met. The prohibited neonicotinoid will be available for seed in the 2024/25 sugar beet campaign. 

Increased campaign length for sugar beet

With wet ground hampering the lifting of sugar beet throughout the 2023/24 campaign, and beet still in the ground, British Sugar has announced new expected end dates for each of its factory sites.

Effective weed control to protect investment in sugar beet

Effective early season weed control in sugar beet is essential, explains Adama UK herbicides technical specialist, Dr Bill Lankford – especially as an effective herbicide programme can deliver a 10–20% improvement in yield.

British Sugar secures £660k funding to work on resistance against virus yellows 

A governmental financial boost along with British Sugar’s own funding will ensure further research into how gene editing can be used to benefit the British sugar beet crop. 

Emergency approval granted to use prohibited neonicotinoid on 2024 sugar beet crop 

Sugar beet farmers have been conditionally granted an emergency authorisation to use Cruiser SB to protect their beets against virus yellows.

‘Fly-tipped’ sugar beet removed from Suffolk road

Suffolk Highways came under criticism on social media after it referred to a large amount of sugar beet being ‘fly-tipped’ on a road in Ipswich. It’s thought a local farmer was forced to store the beet there due to waterlogged land following recent flooding.

Price finally agreed for 2024/25 sugar beet crop

British Sugar and NFU Sugar have agreed a deal after weeks of intense negotiations, with particular contention over the futures linked contract.

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