BASIS points on offer for virtual Cereals event

BASIS members joining this year’s Cereals LIVE event, taking place digitally on 10th and 11th June, can still collect the BASIS points they would ordinarily pick up at the show.

Know your wheat markets? You could win a weather station…

Breeders Limagrain UK are running a short and fun online quiz to find out what British farmers really know about their wheat markets and varieties. All correct entries will be entered into a prize draw to win a weather station.

Testing decisions for black-grass viability

Cereal growers are being urged to spray off patches infested with black-grass now, before more plants set viable seed. The stress of hot dry weather has brought forward seed maturity, with viability set to accelerate over the next few weeks.

Maximise protein levels in milling wheat to secure higher revenue

A poor drilling window and prolonged dry spell this spring has resulted in many farms suffering from lower potential wheat yields this year. As a result, growers are looking to derive as much value as possible from every tonne of wheat.

Grain Industry makes moves to improve Health and Safety of Grain Sampling

The grain industry has for some time been working to improve the safety of “on farm” grain sampling and how samples are taken.

Give spring cereals a nutrition boost

Spring-sown cereals that have struggled to establish in the dry conditions through April and May could be given a much-needed boost with targeted foliar nutrition, says leading agronomy firm Hutchinsons.

Get your T2 micronutrients and timing right to maximise wheat yields

Using the right micronutrients at the right time is the most sure-fire way to maximise yields – especially considering the circumstances this year.

Strong demand for low input UK-grown high protein varieties

High protein wheats typically demand a premium, but often at the cost of increased inputs. A home-grown high specification wheat with a high protein content, is continuing to buck the trend, with a strong disease resistance profile and growing UK demand.

Variable Winter Wheat Flag Leaf Emergence Presents Challenge To Growers

The wide range in winter wheat drilling dates and differing development speeds of some varieties are contributing to making this one of the most complex seasons ever for timing flag leaf sprays, experts are suggesting.

Drawing the short straw this harvest?

Straw merchant PJ Reed offers guidance on preventing straw becoming water damaged and explores how its range could save time, money, fuel, labour and machinery wear.

Prepare grain stores ahead of harvest

Having a fully prepared grain store by paying particular attention to hygiene, could be key to avoiding costly insect and rodent infestations over the long storage period later in the year.

Formulation key to weed control success in spring barley

With a record 1 million ha of spring barely planted this year and rain forecast for the beginning of May, growers will be under pressure to control weeds in a narrow window of opportunity, so herbicide formulation could make all the difference.

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