Explore the benefits of seaweed-derived biostimulants at Cereals 2023

Visitors to this year’s Cereals will be able to learn about the benefits of seaweed-derived biostimulants as the UK distributor of Algifol makes its debut at the event.

MJP Supplies has been importing and marketing Algifol in the UK since 2005. Produced by NeoMed-Pharma in Germany, Algifol is derived from brown algae, which is dried and refined to produce an entirely natural liquid boasting a wealth of trace elements, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, carbohydrates, polyuronides and growth-regulating plant hormones.

Algifol at Cereals event 2023

Marcus Palmer, owner of MJP Supplies

As well as marketing Algifol, Marcus Palmer, owner of MJP Supplies, has used the biostimulant on wheat, sugar beet, peas and potatoes.

“We have seen first-hand the benefits Algifol can have on cereals,” says Marcus Palmer, UK distributor of Algifol. “It increases yield, improves rooting and helps the crop cope with extreme weather.

“Over the last couple of years, we have seen a significant increase in sales, especially from cereal growers. Hopefully, visitors will be interested in finding out how Algifol can help them produce a better quality crop, reduce their fertiliser use and lower their carbon footprint.”

One cereals grower who has used Algifol on their winter wheat and barley for the last five years is Ryan Wrisdale of the Louth Potato Company, who says: “We first used Algifol on our potato crop in 2018. This led us to use it on winter wheat as it was a drought year, and Algifol kept the plant feeding all the way through and kept it green for longer, which helped boost yields.

“I now apply Algifol to all my wheat and barley as it contains lots of trace elements, which give the plants a boost. As we face extreme weather conditions more often, I have really noticed the benefit of using Aligfol, even at half a litre per hectare, every time I spray. Applying a little Algifol often is very beneficial as it really helps to keep the plants alive in hot weather.”

As well as distributing Algifol, Marcus also represents Enduramaxx tanks and sells a wide variety of sprayers, pressure washers and protective clothing.

MJP Supplies will be on Stand 856 at Cereals 2023. Check out our Cereals online preview to find out more about this year’s show!

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