Bionature liquid nitrogen doubles OSR root length

Independent ADAS trials show that a balanced autumn Bionature liquid fertiliser regime doubles OSR root length.

Independent ADAS trials show that a balanced autumn Bionature liquid fertiliser regime doubles OSR root length.

Results from 2019 crops showed that Bionature’s Delta liquid nitrogen applied at the recommended rate, achieved 104% increase in specific root length, when compared to the non-treated control.

Mark Carter, Bionature UK director, explains that getting OSR established and away rapidly is important in counteracting various pests and diseases. “Early root development is key to rapid emergence and this is stimulated by readily available nitrogen, so the plant can develop an efficient root system.

“Autumn applied Delta liquid fertiliser has a positive charge, which means it sticks to the soil, as well as penetrating it, leading to an increase in nitrogen use efficiency. It also means less nitrogen will be lost through leaching,” adds Mark.

Bionature Delta fertiliser is a stabilised nitrogen fertiliser with potassium for improved rooting, stress tolerance, crop quality and yield production.

North Lincolnshire farmer, Colin Chappell, grew 9 hectares of oilseed rape this year on heavy clay land and has seen good results with Delta. “We had a much straighter, longer tap root on treated crops than the untreated section of the field and ultimately, the difference between the sample on untreated and Delta-treated crops was significant.”

“Usually we would grow more OSR, but conditions were against us and Interestingly, this particular crop stood in water for nearly three months over winter and we harvested 3.2 t/ha. So the plant was healthy enough to withstand the flooding, where other crops would have failed,” adds Colin.

Delta is available in pack sizes of 20 litres or 1000 litre IBCs and is compatible with most other crop protection products on the market.

To find out more about Bionature’s OSR programme and products speak to Mark on 07950313704 or Tom on 07494668732 or visit

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