New liquid NPKS fertilisers range boosts yield and quality

Omex has introduced a new, specialised and premium quality NPKS liquid fertiliser range, Multiflo, to enhance yield and quality, whilst reducing fertiliser inputs.

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Omex Agriculture is the UK’s largest liquid and solution fertiliser company with infrastructure stretching the entire length and breadth of the country.

The company has enjoyed consistent and unrivalled growth over the last few years largely as a result of growers switching to liquids from straight granular and blended fertilisers – thanks to the quality and service they’re able to offer, Omex says.

In recent weeks the company welcomed the largest UAN vessel into the port of Dundee, further strengthening the companies commitment to UK agriculture.

New range

Further additions to the company’s product range include a new specialised and premium quality NPKS liquid fertiliser range called Multiflo. Technically engineered by a team of specialists at Omex, the Multiflo range can enhance yield and quality and reduce fertiliser inputs.

“The Multiflo range of grades includes NPs, NKs and NPKs, which are all available with sulphur,” says Omex’s commercial director, Rob Burton. “Multiflo also offers accurate, easy application in all seasons, with a choice of formulations for precision nutrition.

“With farmers all over the British Isles having already identified the benefits brought by our Nitroflo range of liquid nitrogen fertilisers, in terms of yield and quality benefits and unrivalled application accuracy, we are confident that the NPKS Multiflo range will also bring further sustainable, agronomic and economical benefits throughout a crop’s lifecycle.”

‘A pivotal role’

Omex prides itself on producing science led solutions for its existing and new customers, and in particular an excellent choice of soluble P.

Phosphate is a key constituent in getting crops off to the best start possible says Omex technical development manager David Booty. “It plays a pivotal role in boosting root development – essential during the early stages of crop establishment – which in turn drives plant health and ultimately yield and quality.

“Unlike traditional granular forms of P, Multiflo is 100% water soluble which is significantly higher than any alternative in the marketplace currently.”

Maximise gross margin

Multiflo offers farmers a more sustainable choice of NPKS fertiliser, as Omex managing director Sam Bell explains. “The whole agricultural industry is under increasing pressure to improve efficiency, and particularly farmers who are tasked with growing crops more sustainably and in a more environmentally acceptable way. To help our customers achieve these objectives and goals we have committed significant financial resource and intellectual energy to develop and launch to the market, the Multiflo range.

“Liquids and solution fertilisers allow farmers to apply right up to the field margin, giving unrivalled accuracy against granules,” she adds. “Numerous Omex and independent trials have shown the agronomic benefit to applying our liquid fertiliser products over an equivalent granular option. The quality of materials within Multiflo has enabled farmers to maximise gross margin by boosting crop yield and quality.”

Where Multiflo was applied on a seedbed potato trial a £138/ha benefit was recorded and in a salad potato trial, a 6t/ha yield increase,” explains Omex head of research and development David Booty.

But it is not just in the field where the benefits of Multiflo are being realised. The new range of liquid NPKS fertilisers also offer practical solutions to many daily challenges faced by farmers. Liquid fertiliser application is now a one-person operation and it offers an easy, safe handling for the operator, with no heavy bag lifting or cutting.

As Mr Burton explains, there is also no bag disposal making for a much more eco-friendly fertiliser regime, which negates the need for plastic packaging. Storage is more efficient too and requires a tank storage, freeing up valuable indoor storage space for diversification or alternative use. Omex’s tank team will assist in establishing the best plan for farms.

To ensure farmers are utilising the Multiflo liquid NPKS fertiliser range effectively, Omex offer FACTS qualified advice, nationally. Their team of national fertiliser advisors have an extensive knowledge of the industry offering local insights into the most effective programmes for farmers. This knowledge, combined with the companies ongoing R&D effort, continues to offer a scientific approach to agriculture.

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