Harvest Results – 13th September

Harvest results for a further five AHDB Recommended Lists (RL) winter wheat trials, across four locations, are reported, in addition to spring barley results.

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Winter wheat

In 2016, Group 4 hard feed varieties lead the way on outright yield. Currently, Belgrade tops the yields at 107%, with Graham close behind on 105%. The Group 4 hard feed variety KWS Silverstone is also performing well at 104%.

Using the five-year average

Current good performers, based on five-year average yields alone, include Skyfall (101%), KWS Trinity (99%) and RGT Illustrious (98%) in Group 1. KWS Siskin (103%) and KWS Lili (102%) in Group 2 look impressive in comparison to many feed wheat yields. KWS Barrel (103%) and Britannia (102%) are top biscuit wheat performers in Group 3. Leeds tops the soft Group 4 yields at 102%.

2016 Candidates

Hard feed candidates Shabras (106%), Freiston (105%), and KWS Kerrin (105%) and the soft feed candidates Stratosphere (106%), Moulton (105%), LG Sundance (105%) and Bennington (104%) are all performing well in 2016. Quality candidates KWS Zyatt and LG Cassidy (potential bread-making varieties) and LG Bletchley (a potential biscuit-making variety) are all performing well on yield.

Spring barley Harvest Results 2016

Harvest Results are now available from eleven AHDB Recommended Lists (RL) spring barley trials.

This week’s results include three more sites from the Lothians, Yorkshire and Shropshire. Average yields of the control varieties continue to be buoyant at 8.00t/ha, which is above the five-year average of 7.68t/ha.

To date, the highest yields are from the Herefordshire site, where the average yield is 9.10t/ha.

2016 results

The 2016 values show yields based on one season from the eleven sites harvested to date.

In 2016, Origin (107%) continues to have a good year on yields, while the fully approved brewing variety RGT Planet has achieved 106%. Laureate (provisionally approved for brewing and distilling) has achieved 105%.

Using the five-year average

Over the longer term, RGT Planet (106%), Laureate (105%) and the feed variety Ovation (105%) are performing well. Popular varieties Concerto and Propino achieved 95% and 100% respectively.

2016 Candidates

In 2016, the potential malting varieties LG Opera (103%), Chanson (102%) and Acorn (102%) are all performing well.

Harvest results tables can be found at cereals.ahdb.org.uk/harvestresults

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