Harvest Results – 30th August

Harvest results for the latest six AHDB Recommended Lists (RL) winter wheat trials bring the average yield to 10.70t/ha.

Harvest results for the latest six AHDB Recommended Lists (RL) winter wheat trials bring the average yield to 10.70t/ha, which remains very close to the five year average of 10.61t/ha, reports AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds.

In 2016, Group 4 hard feed varieties are giving the highest outright yields, with Graham currently top of the yields at 107%.

29082016 WW Yield Results PRESS FINAL

Graham continues to show its major strength in septoria tritici resistance in the west, where disease pressures tend to be highest. In 2016, Belgrade is the second highest-yielding variety (105%), with Reflection, KWS Silverstone, KWS Crispin, Evolution, Dickens and KWS Santiago all achieving 103%. Untreated yields from one site show how the new yellow rust races can impact on the unwary, with Reflection down to 3.83t/ha and Graham at 8.75t/ha.

Using the five-year average, good performers based on 2016 yield alone include Skyfall (101%), KWS Trinity (99%) and RGT Illustrious (98%) in Group 1. KWS Siskin (103%) and KWS Lili (102%) in Group 2, look impressive in comparison to many feed wheat yields. KWS Barrel (103%), and Britannia (102%) are top Group 3 biscuit wheat performers. Leeds is the highest-yielding soft Group 4, with 102% of the control yields.

 2016 Candidates

2016 feed candidate varieties are performing well, with hard feed variety Freiston and soft feed variety Bennington both yielding 107%. Soft feed candidate varieties Stratosphere and LG Sundance have both yielded 106%

Gross outputs for Winter OSR 0.84t/ha below the four-year average

Updated AHDB Harvest Results (30 August 2016) for winter oilseed rape (WOSR) report information from four trials from Yorkshire up to Aberdeenshire.

The 2016 gross output value of 4.43t/ha is 0.84t/ha below the four year average of 5.27t/ha.  The lower yields seen further south are also being seen in the north of the UK too. The best yields were found at the Scottish Borders site.

26082016 WR N Yield Results PRESS FINAL

For WOSR, yields are reported as a gross output, which is the seed yield adjusted for oil content. The values are represented as a percentage of the control varieties – PR46W21, DK Cabernet, PT211 and Trinity. Oilseed rape trials can be more variable than cereals and care must be taken when drawing conclusions on limited data.

Currently the higher-yielding varieties include DK Explicit (119%), Anastasia (118%), Nikita (117%), V316OL (116%), DK Exentiel, and Campus (both 115%).

Four-year averages

Based on the four-year average values, the highest yielding varieties to date are Anastasia (111%), V316OL, Campus, DK Explicit, Nikita and Alizze all achieving 110%.

Looking at the 4 year averages, the clubroot resistant variety Mentor has a gross output of 101% and the turnip yellows virus resistant variety Amalie has a gross output of 97%

Candidate performance

Gross output values for the candidate varieties in 2016 – based on the limited information – show good yields from DK Exclaim and DK Exalte (both 119%).

As more results come in, they will be added to the AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds website at cereals.ahdb.org.uk/harvestresults.

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