High precision mechanical weed control and prevention techniques

The Garford range of robotic mechanical weed control products can work in a variety of cropping systems and have become increasingly popular as this type of weed control has become more important to agriculture.

Garford weed control machinery fixed to working tractor in farmer's field

Garford Farm Machinery Ltd is a development, manufacturing and distribution company supplying quality products to both the UK and worldwide agricultural market. Established in 1986, its equipment is designed and manufactured in the UK.

The company manufactures a range of robotic mechanical weed control products including the Robocrop precision guided hoe, Robocrop InRow weeders, Robocrop baby leaf hoes, manual hoes, manual and Robocrop guided hooded sprayers, spot sprayers and side shifts.

Garford says it is recognised as a world leader in specialist row crop equipment, and prides itself on listening to farmers and identifying their needs; then, through its custom build manufacturing facility, provides unique equipment, specific to its customers’ requirements. 

The product range is capable of working in many different and varied cropping systems from vegetables, salads, cereals, and saplings. 

Garford’s Robocrop guidance system allows for accurate and efficient hoeing and chemical application for both in row and interrow weed management and prevention control. 

The system identifies and monitors live data from crop rows and crop positioning, which is used to track each individual plant so that the tractor mounted equipment stays within the crop rows.

The popularity of mechanical weeding has increased over the last 20 years, as the value within this type of weed control and prevention has become more important within the agricultural landscape. 

It brings benefits such as enhanced weed control accuracy, increased crop establishment and a reduction in chemical costs to farmers, while also being more sustainable to the environment.

The range includes:

  • Robocrop InRow Weeder: This uses Robocrop video image analysis techniques to locate individual plants in order to mechanically remove weeds from the inter row and importantly within the crop row between the plants
  • Robocrop Guided Hoes: Garford inter-row cultivators are custom built to suit customer’s requirements and the company has experience in models for all row crops
  • Robocrop Spot Sprayer: With the aid of specially developed nozzles, this sprays as a true spot sprayer, therefore reducing the chemical cost
  • Robocrop Side Shift System: Fitted with two rams, potentiometer and speed related flow control valve, these units can be supplied for retro fitting to any make of hoe or mounted machine that needs accurate guidance. The side shift system comes in varieties of sizes SD30, HD50 and XHD50 to accommodate various widths of machines.

To see the products in action at this year’s Croptec, check out our video.

For further information on Garford’s products visit: https://garford.com

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