Winter Wheat 2017 Harvest Results – 11/9

Harvest Results for a further seventeen AHDB Recommended Lists (RL) winter wheat trials were reported earlier in September.

Harvest Results for a further seventeen AHDB Recommended Lists (RL) winter wheat trials were reported by the organisation on 11th September. These new results include sites from throughout the UK stretching from, Northern Ireland and Morayshire in Scotland down to Essex and Shropshire.  Average yields from a total of twenty four trials in 2017 stands at 10.99t/ha, which is very close to the five-year average of 11.03t/ha.

2017 results

In 2017, Group 4 hard feed varieties lead the way with Graham, KWS Kerrin, and KWS Santiago achieving a yield of 104%. The same yield has also been achieved by the group 3 biscuit wheat KWS Barrel (104%)  The highest yielding soft Group 4 feeds are Bennington and Hardwicke, both yielding 102%. Yield isn’t everything with quality wheats but the top yielding nabim Group 1 bread variety is KWS Zyatt (103%), KWS Siskin is the highest yielding nabim Group 2 bread wheat (102%) and we have already mentioned the impressive yield performance of KWS Barrel at 104%.

Using the five-year average

The 2017 data show yields based on one season. The five-year average is a better measure of variety performance over the past five seasons (2013 to 2017).

Current good performers, based on five-year average yields alone, include the hard feed varieties KWS Kerrin (105%) and Shabras (104%),  the soft Group 4 varieties Bennington (103%), KWS Barrel (103%) in Group 3, KWS Siskin (102%) in Group 2 and KWS Zyatt (102%) in Group 1

2017 Candidates

Two further candidates (KWS Jackal and LG Generation) have been national listed, so we can now report their results. Looking at the five-year averages, the hard feed candidate yields are RGT Gravity (107%) Gleam (105%) and Verso (104%). The soft feed candidates are RGT Universe (104%), KWS Jackal (104%) and Elation (103%) while the potential biscuit-making variety Elicit is yielding 103%.

For full AHDB Harvest Results as they become available, visit  Harvest Results pages.

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