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LAMMA Show 2024 Dates: Who, What and Where?

What is LAMMA? When is LAMMA 2024 and what time does it start? Who will be going to LAMMA? We answer all of your questions about this celebrated machinery show.

Welsh Black takes top prize in photo competition

The Farmers’ Union of Wales has chosen its winning photograph for the 2024 charity calendar, and what a beautiful choice it is.

British Sugar: A look behind-the-scenes at the Bury St Edmunds factory

As the sun rose on a hot September morning, the Bury St Edmunds British Sugar factory was busy at work. A constant stream of lorries, carrying the very first harvested sugar beet deliveries of the season, piled the sugar beet high across the open courtyard, witnessed by Farmers Guide.

Organic fertiliser: 420kg increase of dry matter within one month on West Dorset Farm

In the heart of a West Dorset dairy farm, sustainability is at the forefront of farm management philosophy. Adam Holman serves as the dedicated assistant farm manager. Recognising the importance of responsible farming, Adam has taken significant steps to minimise the farm’s environmental impact. One such step is reducing reliance on chemical fertilisers, which can have adverse effects on the environment if not managed carefully.

Alliance Tyres: Cultivating Success with VF Technology

On the farm of Benoit Ferotin, arable farmer and contractor in the French village of Chateauneuf-du-Rhone, a large tractor has been equipped with new Agriflex 372+ tyres since the last growing season.

CHAP helps to make innovative agri-tech ideas a reality

We live in a fast-paced and changing world where the ever-increasing demands on our food production systems and environment have never been greater. Society faces the dichotomy of needing safe, wholesome, and affordable food whilst at the same time having to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect and increase biodiversity, and regenerate agricultural cropping systems.

New Holland launches new crossover combine

Introducing a brand new Crossover Harvesting™ concept that brings together outstanding Twin Rotor® separation technology with the brand’s proven and renowned conventional threshing technology.

Soil health – how quickly can you reset a soil?

BASF recently revealed interim results of a five-year project designed to improve soil health and increase carbon storage, keeping land in production while ensuring there’s a home for wildlife and biodiversity.

Sheep farming event says ‘Time waits for no man’ when it comes to diversification

Those who attended the National Sheep Association (NSA) Northern Region event last Friday had their eyes opened to the opportunities and potential pitfalls of ways to diversify sheep farming enterprises.

Planting trees for wildlife, the environment and future generations

Farmer Robert Moore made it his goal to leave his 356-hectare arable unit in a better state for the environment and wildlife than when he took it on in 1988. To do this, he has balanced sustainability and profitability in his approach to farming.

Cattle housing – 3 top tips to prepare

As we head into the colder months, Farmers Guide offers three top tips to prepare for housing cattle this season – from building maintenance and farm safety, to animal health and nutrition.

Carbon emissions take centre stage at Bath & West Dairy Show

Practical ways to lower carbon emissions will take centre stage at this year’s Dairy Show, where farmers can expect the latest advice, research and tools to help them on the path to net zero.

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