Suffolk company helps farmers successfully diversify their business  

Today’s dynamic business landscape advocates diversification, especially for rural businesses aspiring to expand. A Bury St Edmunds-based company dedicated its services to helping farmers enhance their financial returns.

Appetite Me, experts in rural diversification, retail and hospitality from Bury St Edminds, shared more insights of farm diversification.
Roots Café blooms thanks to Appetite Me business advice.

Appetite Me, experts in rural diversification, retail and hospitality, shared more insights of the strategy for growth that attracts new customers, enhances revenue, and builds on existing skills.

By advocating for the diversification of investments across different business sectors, Appetite Me helps businesses mitigate risks and seize fresh opportunities.

This strategic approach not only increases revenue but also provides stability, making it an optimal choice for developing estates eager to reach their full potential.

The company’s portfolio features award-winning farm shops, cafes, restaurants and retail villages.

The power of a solid business plan and financial study  

The Appetite Me team believes that a strong business plan serves as the foundation of every thriving business. It defines goals, strategies, and potential challenges, offering clarity and direction.   

Coupled with an in-depth financial study, it transforms into a powerful tool for comprehending your business’s financial health and charting a path for growth.  

The Appetite Me team uses industry-specific knowledge to steer businesses through the intricate process of diversification.   

The company’s experts are also committed to providing personalised solutions tailored to the unique circumstances and objectives of each business.

Roots Café in Bury St Edmunds  

In a successful collaboration with Rougham Estate, Appetite Me brought Roots Café to life, which welcomed its first customers in October 2023.   

Roots Café

The team was hands-on throughout the entire process, from project planning to the appointment of key personnel.   

Its aspiration was to create more than just a café; the team envisioned a communal gathering place that was rooted in the surrounding community.   

This was reflected in the vibrant design, which not only encapsulated an inviting atmosphere but also emphasised their commitment to supporting local artisans.   

Consequently, the café has become an indispensable component of the broader estate, ensuring a consistent revenue stream throughout the year.  

Facilitating smooth operations

The interiors feature a delightful blend of repurposed materials, custom shop fit and bespoke branding. Together, these elements contributed to the rustic charm that Roots Café is celebrated for today.

Roots Café

Their dedication to local sourcing was further demonstrated by designing an enticing menu and gifting area that showcased the finest offerings from East Anglia.

Following the launch, Appetite Me has continued to play a crucial role in facilitating smooth operations and providing ongoing support to the Rougham Estate team during the first six months.

As a result, Roots Café has blossomed into a thriving hub, which has significantly enhanced the overall visitor experience at Rougham Estate.

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