Cutting edge technology puts security data in the palm of your hand

Farms of the future will use smart technology to secure and manage their assets. Active Farm Solutions explores how you can get real-time security data and instant alerts on your entire farm, all delivered to any web-enabled smart device.

Simple, powerful technologies give farmers a detailed, full-scale view of assets, equipment and livestock. A system of tags, sensors, pressure pads, CCTV and cutting-edge herd management combine to create a ‘digital ecosystem’ which can be remotely monitored in real-time. This allows you to give an immediate response to security breaches, asset and equipment tampering, livestock status and location.

GPS technologies are the backbone to Active Farm Solutions‘ bespoke Orion Data Network – a system of active Radio Frequency Identification that has been ‘battle tested’ in some of the harshest conditions on the planet. It creates a network into which all of AFS’s sensors integrate.

Covert, weatherproof tags attach to vehicles, equipment, doors, gates, fencing and walls to allow users to cover every eventuality, including open spaces or setting up virtual perimeters. The specially designed collars and boluses for cattle allow for health and location monitoring with systems available for the most remote of locations.

The system can be connected to AFS’s secure UK-based servers in a number of different ways, however, once one of the gateways has been deployed it creates a security bubble of 5km over your farm, giving you real-time data feedback and instant alerts on the status of the entire farm. All data is presented to you on a bespoke dashboard that can be accessed through any web-enabled smart device, putting the entire overview of your operations into the palm of your hand. You are in full control of your network and you decide when alerts are triggered –AFS says it understands that farming in not a regular job and therefore your system should reflect this.

Through using a mixture of high specification, flexible CCTV systems and the covert, battery-powered sensors, you can very easily build a bespoke system meeting the requirements of your farm, even in the most remote areas, the company says. The system is fully modular allowing you to add to the coverage at any time as your farm requirements change or budget allows.

New tracking device tackles thefts

Active Farm Solutions says it is always developing new products to suit its customers’ growing needs and it has recently launched a new tracking device for the autosteer units which are so easily stolen from machinery.

In addition to the autosteer product the company offers a wide range of tracking solutions that are suitable for tracking almost any asset.

The BB3 is a covert, battery-powered tracker which offers simple installation in mobile farm machinery and trailers. The weather-sealed unit has a four-year battery life. Batteries are replaceable and allow for installation away from the common sites of installation, such as vehicle wiring looms and power supplies. As with all AFS sensors, its Orion Network compatibility allows alerts to be monitored and managed by the user and tracked within their private network.


  • Alerts are triggered and received via SMS and email in real time
  • No monthly connection fee for BB3 tracker
  • Two-year return to base warranty
  • A full recovery service is available for a small annual fee
  • All trackers have a 3-axis motion sensor, providing alerts for motion, attempted removal or driving.
  • Cutting edge technology puts security data your hand

Active Farm Solutions has first-hand experience with the challenges facing the nation’s rural policing teams. Often, recovery of stolen farm equipment is unfortunately very unlikely to occur, meaning an insurance claim is made for replacement equipment, increasing insurance premiums for the industry and causing inconvenience while you wait for a replacement. This is why Active Farm Solutions offers a full recovery service on equipment with its trackers. Its specialist team of ‘finders’ will co-ordinate the recovery of your stolen equipment with the police and recover the item and arrange for its return.

Visit www.activefarmsolutions for more information or get in touch to have a free no-obligation security review of your farm and discuss how an Active Farm Solutions system can benefit not only the security of your farm but the efficient management of it too.


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