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One of the highlights of the Farm Business Innovation Show 2023, held in Birmingham in November, was the exploration of how diversification projects are breathing life and value back into rural spaces.

Appetite Me on farm diversification article on farm machinery website

At the event, a remarkable collaboration unfolded between Appetite Me, ArkleBoyce architects, and planning consultants from the Pegasus Group.

Appetite Me, a respected consultant in rural diversification, retail, and hospitality development, has built a strong portfolio across the UK. The company has demonstrated its skills by successfully planning and implementing projects such as farm shops, café/restaurants, and artisan retail villages.

The accomplishments of Appetite Me demonstrate not just a broad range of expertise, but also its unwavering dedication to enhancing the profitability of rural businesses.

The concept of diversification has become a beacon for organisations seeking to expand beyond traditional boundaries and explore fresh, commercial endeavours. It’s more than just an expansion strategy; it’s a gateway to attracting new customers, increasing revenue, and leveraging existing expertise while fostering new skills. In essence, diversification is the cornerstone of sustainable growth and success.

When it comes to new projects, Appetite Me says it excels in delivering considered business plans and financial studies. These studies suggest a range of potential business ideas, each one tailored to meet client-specific needs. They provide an in-depth evaluation of a project’s viability, practicality, and financial potential, ensuring clients are well-equipped to make informed decisions.

Appetite Me also extends its professional expertise to projects at any phase, whether they are just beginning, currently in progress, or long-established. The spectrum of services and expertise spans commercial tenanting and leasing, concession management, interior design, buying, bespoke shop-fitting, creative branding, website design and senior recruitment.

This comprehensive approach ensures that Appetite Me offers a complete solution for successfully delivering a project, making it an invaluable partner on your rural diversification journey, the company says.

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The team is currently developing a new farm shop for the esteemed Royal Norfolk Agricultural Association. This will showcase locally sourced, quality products. Appetite Me will guide every operational and design element of the project, from the initial business plan to its completion.

With their professional guidance, wide range of services, and proven expertise, your rural business can grow to new heights.

Visit Appetite Me to discover how the team could transform your business through diversification.

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