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Red alert for high worm egg counts as warm, wet weather persists

Sheep farmers are advised to be on their guard against Nematodirus and stomach worms as warm and wet weather sees egg counts spike.

Suspected foot-and-mouth disease under investigation in Norfolk

Temporary restrictions have been placed around the premises after suspicion of vesicular disease in pigs.

Detecting disease severity earlier

Austrian agri-tech company smaXtec is expanding its system for continuous health monitoring of dairy cows to include the categorisation of diseases by severity.

Heat stress – The tell-tale signs

It’s not always easy to pick up heat stress in dairy cows, but there are some subtle hints that could give the game away.

Protecting cow health this grazing season

Dairy farmers are being reminded that now is a crucial time to take precautions against herd health risks, to help protect cow health and productivity this summer.

Trace elements for lambs

Lambs can be prone to a great number of health and productivity problems while on pasture and many succumb to borderline trace element and vitamin deficiencies. Veterinary pharmacologist and advisor to Provita Ltd, Dr T.B Barragry, offers a guide to the most common deficiencies and the benefits of drenches.

Key health threats to farm dogs and cats

While much time and expense goes into healthcare for livestock, it’s important not to forget the health of farm dogs and cats. Norbrook’s companion animal veterinary advisor Lars Mortensen outlines some health risks to be aware of.

‘First of its kind’ vaccination guideline to support cattle and sheep farms

NOAH has launched the Livestock Vaccination Guideline to help vets, SQPs and farmers improve the health and welfare of UK cattle and sheep – as well as farm resilience and sustainable improvements in productivity.

Wormer offered at more cost-effective price to support egg producers

Elanco is offering its in-feed de-wormer Flubenvet at a more cost-effective price to help sustain egg producers during a period of unprecedented increase in the cost of production.

SPOTLIGHT ON: Lameness control

A proven alternative to copper sulfate and formaldehyde.

A cost-effective, sustainable approach to fly control

Flies can cause substantial production losses and welfare issues on livestock farms. Max Hardy, of Rutland Vets, provides guidance on prevention and management, and explores the option of biological control coupled with traditional pour ons.

Significant milk yield benefits seen after NSAID treatment, study finds

Research has revealed substantial benefits to using ketoprofen for the treatment of pain and lameness associated with digital dermatitis in cattle.

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