Dairy farmers warned of heat stress impact on dry matter intakes

With temperatures now regularly reaching 20C and beyond, dairy farmers are being warned that cows are extremely susceptible to heat stress which can result in depressed dry matter intakes (DMI) and reduced milk yields.

New tech to boost cow productivity and sustainability

Dairy technology company Waikato Milking Systems has introduced an exciting new product to help farmers make better long-term decisions for care of their herd, and their dairy businesses.

Blowfly strike risk now rising, forecasters warn

Despite a late start to the strike season, warming temperatures mean blowflies are emerging in greater numbers, according to the latest update from Nadis and Elanco.

Crackdown on livestock worrying welcomed, but live export ban prompts concern

The government has released the second Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill, which the NFU says will be welcomed by farmers who have seen an increase in dog attacks on sheep. However, a ban on live exports for fattening and slaughter has prompted questions over how the UK government will ensure British farmers are not undercut in trade deals.

New ‘Lameness Game’ to help sheep farmers cut antibiotic use 

A citizen science study is aiming to explore how easy it is to spot lameness in sheep using a simulation game, to help fight antimicrobial resistance.

Trace element deficiencies on pasture

Dr T B Barragry, veterinary consultant to Provita Animal Health Ltd, explores the key trace elements, how deficiencies impact cattle and sheep performance and profitability, and how to achieve appropriate supplementation.

bTB: Vaccinations and increased testing to replace culls, govt confirms

Badger vaccination, increased cattle testing and acceleration of a bTB cattle vaccine will form the next part of the government’s bTB eradication strategy, as badger culling is set to be phased out.

Farrowing crates and new innovations: What’s next for the pig sector?

Jane Jordan explores some of the latest updates for the pig sector, including whether the farrowing crate can survive growing pressure from the welfare lobby; an innovative in-hut creep feeder; and a new intradermal multi-valent vaccine.

Survey reveals key disease priorities for livestock farmers

Ruminant Health & Welfare (RH&W) has announced the results to its nationwide ’grassroots’ survey of farmers, stock people and vets on priority livestock diseases and syndromes.

Temperature and humidity monitoring to help dairy farmers tackle heat stress

Cargill UK is launching live temperature and humidity data online through the summer months to help dairy farmers and their advisers recognise and mitigate the signs of heat stress in dairy cattle.

Free piglet E. coli testing now available to farmers

In order to help tackle the issue of Post Weaning Diarrhoea (PWD) caused by E. coli in piglets, Elanco is offering farmers free diagnostic testing to identify the bacterial strain and allow for appropriate vaccination.

State of the art lab to help farmers unlock the genetic potential of their herd

The new custom-built genomic testing laboratory was opened by the NMR in April 2021, and it has now completed the first 1,000 tests on tissue samples from UK dairy cattle.

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