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Additional bluetongue cases confirmed following ongoing surveillance

Following active surveillance within the temporary control zone (TCZ), two further cases of bluetongue have been identified taking the total number of UK cases to seven. Both cases are linked to a holding with previously confirmed cases of bluetongue serotype 3 (BTV-3).

Bluetongue confirmed in five cows in Kent

Farmers urged to be vigilant as further cases identified through additional surveillance.

Parasites guide updated to reflect changing approaches

The Control of Worms Sustainably (COWS) group has published its latest technical guide, which reflects significant changes in approaches.

Bluetongue hotline launches for farmers

Farmers in and around the Temporary Control Zone (TCZ), can now access and call a dedicated bluetongue hotline to get advice or ask questions linked to the current situation.

BRD control should be re-evaluated on farm, research suggests

The first specific vaccine for protecting cattle against respiratory coronavirus will soon be available to UK farmers, and follows recent research suggesting BCoV plays a bigger role in BRD than previously accepted. Sarah Kidby reports.

Bluetongue: Temporary control zone advice for farmers

After the first case of the new emerging bluetongue strain (BTV-3) was confirmed in England, a temporary control zone (TCZ) has been implemented. The Ruminant Health & Welfare group has put together some guidance.

First case of new bluetongue strain confirmed in England

Farmers are being urged to purchase livestock from responsible sources and be vigilant for signs of disease, as BTV-3 is confirmed at a farm in Kent.

Avian flu risk reduced to medium

Defra has downgraded the risk of HPAI H5 in wild birds, after a reduction in the number of findings.

“Underestimated” disease could be to blame for fertility issues

Farmers experiencing a range of fertility issues in their dairy herds are being told to test for Q fever, as data from a recent study reveals 50% of herds tested were positive for the disease.

Lambs and cattle suffering high worm burdens this season

Mild weather at the start of autumn prolonged the parasite breeding season, warned Ben Strugnell of Farm Post Mortem.

Healthy rumen, healthy profits

As the weather turns, stock is being housed and winter rations formulated. Extra attention should be given to a smooth transition to reduce the risk of acidosis and the associated poor performance, experts say.

Avian flu: Top scientists share new insights

Scientists have made new discoveries on airborne spread of AI, and revealed Northern Gannets and Shag are showing signs of developing immunity to avian influenza, according to research published todayscien (20th October).

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