TB vaccination to reduce spread in dairy herds by 89% 

The latest research has found that TB vaccination not only cuts down the severity of disease in infected cattle, but also reduces its spread in dairy herds by 89%. 

The UK declares zonal freedom from bird flu 

Defra has self-declared “zonal freedom” from bird flu. The UK is now in line with World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH) rules. 

Nutrition and breeding management “essential” to hit KPIs

Replacement heifers and post-calving cows are under a lot of pressure to hit breeding KPIs. Rumenco nutritionist Dr Alison Bond shares how the new formulation of Maxx Cattle Booster Plus will help achieve this.

Dairy monitoring bolus now available for FETF funding

Farmers in England who are looking to adopt smaXtec’s cutting-edge animal health monitoring system, can now get 50% grant funding, through the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund (FETF) 2024. 

Keep a spring in their step: Managing SARA and grass staggers

As spring grass arrives many dairy farmers are faced with a double challenge in managing cows’ health: sub-acute ruminal acidosis (SARA) and grass staggers. David Bonsall, animal feed expert at Omya, offers a straightforward, cost-effective solution.

Do you know how to prevent on-farm poisoning?

Food Standards Scotland (FSS) is urging farmers to follow five steps to prevent lead and copper poisoning this grazing season.

FETF: Animal Health and Welfare grants now available

Farmers can now apply for FETF funding to help pay for equipment and technology to improve animal health and welfare.

New measures just announced to protect poultry industry against bird flu 

New registration requirements for bird keepers in Great Britain have just been announced. The measures aim to better protect the poultry sector from future avian influenza outbreaks. 

Cattle TB vaccine is closer than ever before as trials enter new phase

UK government has just announced that field trials of the deployable bovine TB cattle vaccine have moved on to the third phase.

Targeted badger culling will continue in high-risk areas 

New proposals, which are part of delivering the next phase of the government’s TB eradication strategy, have just been set out. This includes plans to continue targeted badger culling in high-risk areas. 

A to-do-list for spring turnout

Making effective preparations before spring turnout, including good parasite management, vaccinations where needed and nutritional analysis, can pay dividends in the long run. Maddy Tyson, of Westpoint Farm Vets in Chelmsford, provides a to-do list to help you prepare for this key period in the farming calendar.

How to meet pre-calving micronutrient requirements

Ahead of the spring calving season, beef and dairy producers wanting to optimise herd health and performance need to start planning their micronutrient supplementation programmes.

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