Campaign offers cattle farmers extra support on parasite control

Dairy and beef farmers are being urged to change just one thing to improve parasite control, as part of a new campaign by Boehringer Ingelheim to help farmers implement practical, impactful changes.

Farm moves with the times for spring bull sale

This year, the eleventh annual spring auction sale of Hereford bulls posed a difficulty for Scottish breeders Ervie Hereford, as the national Covid-19 lockdown meant it was impractical to expect many bull customers to attend on sale day. The Douglas family decided this was the year for a livestreamed auction.

Feed conversion efficiency “key to sustainable UK beef industry”

As part of having a sustainable UK beef industry, it is critical that beef production maximises feed conversion efficiency (FCE), while enhancing fertility and health and using environmentally responsible and sustainable feeds, explains nutritional supplement manufacturer UFAC-UK. 

Oregano essential oil could boost milk production, study suggests

Oregano essential oil (OEO) has been found to help lower milk somatic cell count (SCC) and reduce levels of oxidative stress biomarkers – leading to greater milk production. These findings were from trials carried out at the Federal University in Brazil.

bTB: Helping to prevent badger access to cattle feed

As bovine TB can survive for months in the environment and still be infective, it is important to break the habit of badgers visiting farms, as part of efforts to reduce transmission, said farm vet Sarah Tomlinson at this year’s Dairy Tech Online.

Heifer rearing: How to get more from your investment

Volac research scientist Dr Jessica Cooke explains how feeding more milk and weaning more gradually could result in better fertility, survival and milk yields – while Boehringer veterinary adviser Ailsa Milnes explores vaccination options.

Treat for flies now to prevent rapid population explosion

Farmers could face uncontrollable fly populations and costly health issues in their livestock when the weather warms up, if they don’t get ahead and protect their stock now, experts are warning.

New parlour boosts yield by six litres per day at Salisbury farm

Having upgraded from jars to a direct line 16×16 Westfalia Surge parlour around 15 years ago, the setup at Lyburn Farm in Salisbury, although still functional, wasn’t able to provide detailed information or keep up with the growing herd. That’s when the farm’s Jono Smales decided it was time for a new parlour.

Mastitis prevention in modern dairy farming

As requirements for milk quality are constantly changing, Evans Vanodine offers its expert advice on developing a prevention programme for mastitis.

Advanced collar boosts pregnancy rates and health

Introducing the AfiCollar, which livestock farmers are praising for its accuracy, ease of use and training programme.

Keep cows cool this summer

Warmer temperatures in spring and summer can cause heat stress in cows – sooner than we think. A decline in fertility is often the first consequence, followed by a decline in production, and often before we notice any effects.

Generations of success for Kramp

Europe’s largest specialist in spare parts and accessories marks its 70th anniversary with a campaign to celebrate the multi-generational ‘Kramp experience’ for partners, suppliers and employees.

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