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Backmuir Farm wins 2022 Royal Highland Simmental Supreme

The cattle and the crowds were back to normal at Ingliston, Edinburgh as the 2022 Royal Highland roared into life on Thursday 23rd June – featuring a strong Simmental section of some 75 entries.

Northamptonshire beef farm scoops sustainability award

Thornby Farms in Northamptonshire has been awarded the inaugural VetPartners Sustainable Beef Farm of the Year award, in recognition of the farm’s dedication to aligning food production with sustainability.

Improving feed quality, yields and profitability in challenging times

With escalating fuel and feed costs, getting the most out of maize and wholecrop has never been more important. As well as reducing waste and optimising silage quality, Horning’s FiberTech Chevron rollers can improve milk yields and butterfats, says Harvesting Solutions UK general manager Alan Haycocks.

Detecting disease severity earlier

Austrian agri-tech company smaXtec is expanding its system for continuous health monitoring of dairy cows to include the categorisation of diseases by severity.

Innovative device counters milking cluster bias on N Yorks farm

Retrofit device Lactalign has been developed after herd management software at Metcalfe Farms revealed twice as many mastitis cases in front quarters compared to rear quarters.

Beat the heat: The importance of ventilation for dairy farming and animal welfare

Robin Hibberd, technical sales engineer at Hydor, explains why farmers should assess their ventilation equipment to avoid heat stress in dairy cows for improved welfare and yield.

Cull cow market offers opportunity to tighten calving intervals

With cull cow prices reaching a record high this year, there is an opportunity to replace unproductive cows with improved genetics and focus on tightening calving intervals, improving overall herd performance.

Heat stress – The tell-tale signs

It’s not always easy to pick up heat stress in dairy cows, but there are some subtle hints that could give the game away.

Protecting cow health this grazing season

Dairy farmers are being reminded that now is a crucial time to take precautions against herd health risks, to help protect cow health and productivity this summer.

Trial farms say new service could ease current pressures on farm businesses

Anglia Quality Meat (AQM) is launching a timely new service for farmers in June, offering a simple way to capture and store all farm data on the cloud, with expert support from AQM to highlight inefficiencies and help livestock reach their potential. We caught up with two trial farms who say AQM+ brought a variety of benefits to their businesses.

‘First of its kind’ vaccination guideline to support cattle and sheep farms

NOAH has launched the Livestock Vaccination Guideline to help vets, SQPs and farmers improve the health and welfare of UK cattle and sheep – as well as farm resilience and sustainable improvements in productivity.

New badger vaccination licence rolled out

The government says the new licence will allow more badgers to be vaccinated by reducing the administrative burden.

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