AgriWebb launches in UK to transform the future of livestock management

Global AgTech company AgriWebb has announced the launch of its new farm management software into the UK to help farmers scale and advance their operations quickly. 

Global AgTech company AgriWebb has announced the launch of its new farm management software into the UK to help farmers scale and advance their operations quickly.

Offering an unrivalled set of tools to improve livestock management, AgriWebb can be used anywhere, anytime, both online or offline, on a single farm or across multiple sites. It digitises farm mapping, herd management, tasks and record keeping, empowering livestock farmers to grow their businesses in increasingly tough conditions and in the face of current market uncertainty.

An easy-to-use desktop and mobile app makes it simple to record farm activities while in the field, aiding operations with GPS-enabled tasks and linking business goals to herds and individual animals. Using farm data, tailored best practice recommendations are provided and support farmers to produce more with what they have.

The software is cloud-based, meaning if there is no internet coverage on-farm, data recorded to a mobile device is uploaded once internet connection is restored. It also integrates directly with popular hardware such as Tru-Test, allowing farmers to scan EID tags as usual and see the data auto-populated into the app, removing the need to manually update records. Crucially, AgriWebb integrates with all government databases across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland; data entered into the app automatically syncs with your government account, removing the need to regularly log in, and makes potentially stressful audits very easy.

Currently used by farms across four continents, users have seen livestock production performance increases of up to 20%. The software aids the management of over 10 million animals across 4,000 farms in Australia, and has been tested successfully in the UK with an exclusive early adopters program for the last 5 months. This program included testing, researching and developing for UK farmers’ specific needs, alongside 100 British beef and sheep farmers, to ensure the software more than meets the demands of the UK industry.

James Smith, tenant farmer of Abermangoed Farm in Carmarthenshire, has used the app to manage his farm of 134 acres since November. He said: “I’m using AgriWebb whenever I’m on the farm. Whether I’m working out dosage rates, working out feed rations or keeping movement records, it saves me so much time.

“Before, I would have winged it and overspent, overstocked, and had drugs and medication sitting around that I didn’t need. Recently, with AgriWebb, I knew that I had the exact amount to dose a mob of ewes. It saved me going to the vet – I knew I could crack on and do the job – and it was more efficient. I’ve probably saved £200 – £300.

“One of the biggest benefits is my time with my family in the evening: I’m not sitting around with scraps of paper trying to find information to fill in books. I know I can relax.”

AgriWebb was founded in 2015 by Justin Webb, Kevin Baum and John Fargher. Webb and Fargher are fourth and fifth generation livestock farmers, respectively. Having met in the UK, the trio realised that pen and paper as a primary record-keeping tool and the time-consuming double entry of records to meet compliance requirements was a major problem impacting agriculture.

In 2018, the company acquired Northern Irish agricultural software specialist FarmWizard to strengthen the existing AgriWebb platform. The company is backed by the Wheatsheaf Group, a leading global investor and developer of AgTech businesses, which contribute solutions to help meet the food requirements borne out of the increasing demands of a changing global population.

Justin Webb, Chairman and Co-Founder at AgriWebb, said: “With our own experience of livestock management, we set out to build a tool that’s easy to use in the field. There’s so much industry change to navigate at the moment. “Our goal is to work with and serve British farmers with actionable data insights to make profitable decisions in the current environment – be it adapting to future subsidy criteria, broader environmental challenges or the numerous cost pressures. We’re proud to be working with the community.”

Campbell Mauchan, UK General Manager at AgriWebb, added: “We speak to British farmers on a daily basis and deeply understand that their time matters, as does meaningful data to help make informed decisions. Tighter profit margins mean increasingly having to do more with less. During our early adopters program in the UK, we’ve gained great feedback, particularly on our government database integration that helps to save a lot of time.”

Those interested in the software can sign up for a 14 day free trial.

Key features of the app include:

  • An interactive farm map making it easy to monitor and update the location of livestock – as well as automatically calculating stocking rate, DSE load and grazing days.
  • Sight of everything from a farm’s arable area, to auto-calculated grazing days remaining, currently occupying herds, and a full history of related records.
  • Ability to create a customised livestock farming calendar with a full plan of all operations based on regional science that will increase a farm’s productivity and efficiency.

AgriWebb is a cloud-based platform available on desktop and mobile, iOS and Android. For more information on AgriWebb features and customer use cases, please visit

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