App transforms dairy herd feeding

The Cowconnect app package for weighing and feeding transforms how you feed your cows, and mixes a daily ration matched to changing levels of herd performance.

The Cowconnect app package for weighing and feeding transforms how you feed your cows, and mixes a daily ration matched to changing levels of herd performance.

It offers a simple-to-operate feed management system that is compatible with all brands of feed mixer wagon and allows farmers to improve feed accuracy, setting and adjusting rations and changing cow numbers on the go from multiple mobile devices or tablets.

Cowconnect gives everyone the information they need right in the palm of their hands – from the farmer and feeder operator, to nutritionists and advisors, which has proved to be among the app’s most popular features, according to UK sales representative Gary Jackson.

The app provides an overview of ingredients, feed rations, and cow groups and users can monitor mixing precision. When cow numbers are changed, the ration will be automatically recalculated – this reduces the margin for error that can exist when calculations are made on the go, with no more need for feed sheets in the cab. It can also automatically correct the dry matter on roughage ingredients by a calculation based on the weather.

Additionally, Gary explains, Cowconnect can improve the accuracy of each ingredient loaded for the ration and then breakdown the unload to individual troughs or cow groups. Keeping control of ingredient stock on farm is important too; all ingredient deliveries can be registered, and stock levels monitored from the app.

Using this app means you get to see exactly what the cows are being fed, as opposed to what you estimate the cows are being fed, reducing the margin for error.

UK dairy farmer Tim Sinnot, who uses the Cowconnect package, comments: “Since having Cowconnect fitted to our feeder wagon I have been really impressed with how user friendly it is. It’s very easy to adjust cow numbers and groups.

“It has greatly improved our ration accuracy and therefore ration consistency. It has allowed me to keep a better track of feed stock. I would highly recommend for any new or used feeder.”

The system is simple to use – just simply register on the Cowconnect website for a demo, download the app and login with the details supplied. It can be used on any iOS or Android as remote display and feeding app.

All data is stored in the cloud and you can access your own portal from any computer. In the online portal you can create and amend ingredients, rations and cow groups; the data is automatically sent directly to the feeder.

Get reliable and live reports on feed intake, efficiency and costs. All reports are easily exported to Excel, pdf and email.

Cowconnect integrates with your herd management system and provides automatic import of milk yield and cow numbers to create reports on feed conversion and income over feed costs. Importing cow numbers saves time and reduces errors being communicated between the parlour and the feeder operator.

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