Farmers offered chance for two free bags of calf milk

If you purchase a full pallet of Volac-manufactured calf milk replacer during February 2024 you’ll receive two bags free of charge to save you money on your investment into high quality pre-weaned calf nutrition.

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Volac is making the offer available to UK dairy farmers who are committed to feeding calves a precision-formulated, highly sustainable calf milk replacer made from milk sourced from British dairy farms.

Whatever your target growth rate, you can be confident of a significant financial return if you feed enough Volac-manufactured calf milk replacer to your pre-weaned calves, the company says.

A recent study at AFBI Hillsborough in Northern Ireland demonstrated that heifer calves reared on a concentrated whey protein-based milk replacer diet are younger at first calving and more fertile than those receiving lower quality milk protein in early life.

With AHDB figures suggesting each day delay beyond 24 months AFC costs you £2.87, this performance difference alone is worth £63.14 per heifer. That’s a £3,357 saving for the dairy farm business every year for a 200-cow herd with a 25% annual replacement rate.

What’s more, high quality pre-weaned calf nutrition favourably influences better lifetime productivity. Fed at the recommended feeding rate, early life investment into your youngstock will also help you boost lifetime cow milking performance when your valuable youngstock replacements enter the adult milking herd.

Volac filters and concentrates up the important liquid whey protein fraction of milk from these local production units and collects the vital proteins, fats, sugars and other bioactive components so important for calf programming. The resultant high quality concentrated whey protein base material is packed with the vital amino acids and immunoglobulins so necessary for optimum calf growth and development.

When purchasing a calf milk replacer, always look for a proven track record of performance and recognise that a high quality, precision-formulated product based on concentrated whey protein (e.g. Volac’s Imunopro) will provide everything the modern, high milk fed calf needs in early life – and deliver better lifetime performance.

For more information surrounding your two free of charge bags of Volac-manufactured milk replacer, please talk to your Volac Milk Replacers Limited representative or local feed merchant.

To find out more about Volac-manufactured calf milk replacers and their ability to unlock better lifetime performance visit the Feed for Growth website here

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