Reduce silage losses and improve efficiencies with film combination

Berry Global says its Baletite and Silotite Pro agricultural films offer farmers a smarter solution to silage preservation, optimising the way in which you wrap, store, and utilise crops.

bale wrap

The Film&Film (F&F) bale wrapping method, which involves replacing traditional netwrap with Baletite baler film, is part of Berry’s five-pillar approach to sustainable agricultural films.

Berry says its approach brings consistent quality, reduced waste with sleeve packaging, lightweight films, and the integration of recycled content.

A new approach

Traditionally, silage bales were bound using netwrap which was then wrapped with several layers of balewrap, sealing the silage and protecting it from the elements.

The Film&Film wrapping system, which substitutes netwrap with Baletite baler film to tension the bale, is applied on the bale in the opposing direction to the outer balewrap layers, cross wrapping the bale and helping to prevent oxygen ingress and adding extra layers of protection around the mantle of the bale.

Better quality silage

By reducing the risk of ingress, which can cause spoilage, the result is improved fermentation and higher quality silage, according to trial results. The Baletite film is a stiff, wide roll film with a high tightening force that can be applied by most modern combi wrappers, making it a highly effective alternative to netwrap, Berry says.

The Film&Film wrapping system, which combines Baletite baler film and Silotite bale wrap, has been shown to improve silage quality and reduce dry matter losses. By using this method, farmers have been shown to gain an additional 7.35kg of dry matter per bale, versus traditional netwrap techniques, according to trials.

Environmental benefits

Silotite bale wrap

In addition to silage quality improvements, continued innovations in Silotite balewrap, such as multilayer Pro technology, provide users with extra film length for fewer reel changes and reduced plastic use.

Further efficiencies can be found with the film’s convenient, easy to remove PE sleeve package that replaces bulky boxes. The films’ PE sleeve packaging can also be disposed along with Baletite baler film and Silotite balewrap for recycling, where PE film collections exist.

When it comes time to remove the film, because there is no longer a layer of netwrap, the film peels away easily from the surface of the silage without becoming entangled in net. Additionally, as the Baletite and Silotite balewrap films are made from the same PE material, there is no need for separation prior to recycling, unlike netwrap which typically cannot be recycled alongside balewrap.

Excellent results

“We are continually looking for ways to add value for our customers, developing solutions that take advantage of the latest innovations in film and baler technology,” said Bart Geeraert, commercial director of Berry Global’s Flexible Agriculture business.

“The Baletite and SilotitePro Film&Film solution is part of Berry’s B Circular range, optimising recyclability and creating a reduced environmental footprint*.

“It is also a key component of our five-pillar strategy to improve the functionality and sustainability of our silage wrapping solution,” he continued.

“Film&Film provides superior protection, ease of use, and easier recycling when compared to traditional netwrap. We have seen excellent results in the field with farmers already using the combination of Baletite and SilotitePro and we are sure that new users will see the same benefits in the quality of their bales.”

To learn more about Baletite, SilotitePro and the Film&Film method, visit the Silotite website

*Compared to Silotite Original 25μm, 1500m film.

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