Innovative box scraper allows farmers to complete two jobs in one go

The Scrapenser from Ian Cleasby Agriculture enables dairy farmers to spread sawdust into cubicles and scrape out at the same time, combining two chores into one job.

Dairy farmers can spread sawdust into cubicles and scrape out simultaneously with the patented Scrapenser from Ian Cleasby Agriculture, saving time and fuel, whilst potentially freeing up a tractor or materials handler.

On-farm tests show the one-pass system means cows are returned to cubicles more quickly, resulting in more rest time, increased production, cleaner bedding and less husbandry problems.

The Scrapenser can go anywhere a standard scraper goes, without the need to alter buildings, machines or routines. Users have reported benefits to milking time routines as operators can return to milking duty more quickly.

Moreover, the hopper’s design provides better visibility over the Scrapenser whilst bedding up to 150 cubicles. Hopper extensions are an easy bolt-on extra to cater for any size herd.

The Scrapenser Box also offers full control of bedding speeds, reliability and long life, and it can be retrofitted to your existing scraper. It’s also better for the health of operators with no more inhaling of fine dust. In the summer, some farmers even use the equipment to feed meal and concentrates to outdoor stock.

Brought up on a Cumbria dairy farm, Ian Cleasby developed the first prototype – still in use on his brother’s farm today ­– after the farm purchased its first box scraper and it seemed like an obvious opportunity to combine both jobs. A version for the flip-over scraper market was subsequently requested.

The Scrapenser in action at a dairy farm.

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