Batch failure causes sheep vaccine supply issues

There will be a gap in the supply of the EAE (Enzootic Abortion of Ewes) vaccine, Cevac Chlamydia, from June to August, due to a vaccine batch failure.


Ceva Animal Health, which manufactures the EAE vaccine, said it deeply regrets any inconvenience caused to its valued sheep farmers during this period. 

The company is working tirelessly to resolve the challenge, it said in a statement. 

Roy Geary, regional director for Northern Europe (including the UK) commented: 

“The manufacturing of vaccines is a complex process that involves stringent quality control measures and adherence to regulatory guidelines.  

“Unfortunately, the anticipated vaccine batch has failed to meet the quality expected to be suitable for release, which has temporarily affected the ability to meet the demands of the UK sheep market within the main seasonal vaccination period for EAE.”

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Contingency plans in place

The manufacturer has implemented comprehensive contingency plans to optimise the manufacturing and distribution process.  

“Our dedicated team is working closely with our partners to resolve the challenges and restore normal supply levels as soon as possible.  

“The vaccine challenge is being treated with the utmost urgency, and we are actively exploring alternative options to speed up the supply chain for future batches of the vaccine.”

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Short-term supply issue

Ceva expects the supply issue to be resolved, with some stock potentially available later in the season. 

“[…] However we recognise that for some farmers the supply will arrive too late for them to use,” Mr Geary continued.  

“We encourage all farmers to consult their vet and explore alternative means of safeguarding the health of their flocks during this period.  

“We recommend implementing robust biosecurity measures and adhering to existing vaccination protocols for other preventable diseases to ensure the overall wellbeing of livestock.”

Ceva Animal Health will keep vet practices and the wider industry updated regularly, as it moves towards a resolution.

For further information please contact your vet.

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