Six latest machinery launches at Cereals 2024

Now the dust has settled on one more Cereals Event, we can all consider the show’s impact on cereal types, technology and, of course, the latest machinery that has been unveiled. Farmers Guide machinery contributor, David Williams, guides you through six key machinery launches from Cereals 2024.

Latest machinery – John Deere S7 combine harvester

John Deere S7 Combine Harvester Green with colleagues
Pictured with the new S7 are (l-r) John Deere UK harvesting territory sales managers, Mike Baker and Charlotte Pheysey and marketing manager, Chris Wiltshire.

John Deere displayed its new S7-series combine for the first time at Cereals. It has the improved cab and new styling from the flagship X9-series, launched at Agritechnica in 2019. The new S7 combines are equipped with the latest generation JDX engines.

The 9-litre JD9X engine powers the S7 700, while the S7 800, S7 850 & S7 900 are powered by the 13.6-litre JD14X. The JD14X engine with HarvestMotion achieves maximum power at a reduced engine speed of just 2,000 RPM.

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Bristling with automation

The S7 combines offer advanced harvesting automation through optional technology packages including Harvest Settings Automation, where automatic adjustments of five internal combine settings take place during harvest; based on grain loss, foreign material, and broken grain limits.  

Speed control by satellite imaging

The new S7 is available with Predictive Ground Speed Automation. This predictive system senses the crop through several different sources. This includes satellite biomass maps (based on the three clearest recent images of the field and crop- available through the John Deere Operations Centre), live camera data from forward facing cab-mounted cameras that calculate biomass, and load sensors within the combine monitoring the separation and cleaning systems. Speed is adjusted in real-time.

“It’s like having the best combine operator in the world sitting on the instructor seat beside you, leaving you free to concentrate on all other aspects of operation,” explained Ripon Farm Services harvesting products manager, Ben Moseley, talking to Farmers Guide. “If workrates in excess of 95% of combine capacity can be constantly maintained, then this could easily equate to 20% higher productivity.”

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New cab

The new cab features the G5PlusCommandCenter, enabling smart farming functionalities such as AutoTrac, AutoTrac Turn Automation, Documentation, and DataSync.  

Additionally, a new high-definition corner post display with a user-friendly interface and digital readouts of combine performance is fitted. The integrated StarFire receiver ensures exceptional signal stability and 2.5cm pass-to-pass accuracy.  

Pre-launch – Kuhn Rowliner precision inter-row cultivator

Ed Fanshawe Kuhn with Rowliner inter-row weeder
Tillage equipment product specialist, Ed Fanshawe with the Rowliner inter-row weeder.

Kuhn chose Cereals for the pre-launch of new mechanical weed control implements. The official launch is not due to take place until later this month, and full production won’t start until later this year for delivery in 2025.

The Rowliner precision inter-row cultivator is available in 4, 5 and 6m working widths. At the show, it was displayed mounted on Kuhn’s Rowlink camera-guided headstock. The Rowliner 500 is priced at £48,625, and the optional Rowlink headstock costs £32,645.

Also displayed was the Tineliner mechanical tine weeder. It is available in popular 6m and 12m versions, but additional working widths are also available. The 12m version displayed costs just over £30,000.

First showing – John Deere 6M-series tractors

John Deere tractor product specialist Tomos Lloyd with John Deere 6M-series tractor
John Deere tractor specialist, Tomos Lloyd in front of a 185 model.

John Deere also displayed its latest 6M-series tractors for the first time, ahead of their world-wide public launch later this month. The line-up includes 17 models, all with revised styling, and AutoPowr CVT is a new option for the series.

The cabs feature a new convenient, corner-post information display like larger models in the range, and buyers can specify armrest-mounted controls through the Compact CommandArm, a smaller version of the popular CommandArm.

Another new option for the series is a reversible fan, which is likely to prove particularly popular with those using the tractors for tasks including mowing, baling and straw chopping, explained John Deere tractor product specialist, Tomos Lloyd.

World debut – New Holland CR10-series combine harvester

New Holland UK combine specialist, Nigel Honeyman, CR10-series combine
New Holland UK combine specialist, Nigel Honeyman with the new CR10-series combine.

Star attraction on the New Holland stand was the new CR10-series combine. The design is like the flagship CR11-series, launched at Agritechnica last year, but the new CR10 is likely to be more popular with UK farmers as it is perfectly matched with a 12m header, making it particularly suitable for Controlled Traffic Farming regimes.

The CR10 has 635hp, slightly less than the current CR10.90 model, but the latest CR variants feature new, more efficient drivelines which means that more power is available for separating and cleaning. Grain tank capacity is up to 16,000 litres, 1,500 more than the current CR10.90, but 4,000 less than the CR11. Unloading takes place at 210 litres/second.

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Yield monitoring and mapping is standard, there is a full telematics package and an NIR sensor is available as an option. “The NIR sensor puts crop quality information directly into the hands of farmers. Benefits include the opportunity to sell produce better as it can be stored or blended according to its quality, and it also allows growers to more accurately calculate nitrogen requirements for following crops,” explained New Holland UK combine specialist, Nigel Honeyman.

“I expect it to be popular.”

Deliveries this autumn – Fendt 600 Vario-series tractors

Fendt 620 Vario green with Ed Dennett and Chandlers' Paul Kettle
Retail market manager for North-West Europe, Ed Dennett (left) and Chandlers dealer principal, Paul Kettle with the Fendt 620 Vario.

Fendt displayed the latest 600 Vario-series for the first time in the UK, ahead of its official launch at the Highland Show. Production starts in September for customer deliveries.

The new 600 Vario line-up includes four models from 164 to 224hp. The flagship 620 Vario boasts an impressive 950Nm of torque from its 4-cyl AgcoPower engine. All models feature Fendt VarioDrive transmission for maximum performance and efficiency. The standard hydraulic system supplies 152 litres/min, but an optional upgrade to 205 litres/min is available for compatibility with the most demanding implements. Rear lift capacity is 9,790kg.

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Pictured with the new Fendt 620 Vario are retail market manager for North-West Europe, Ed Dennett with Chandlers dealer principal, Paul Kettle who looks after Fendt for the dealer group.

“This tractor has to be experienced to be believed,” said Paul. “With VarioDrive and the VarioGrip Central Tyre Inflation option, it is extremely capable, and our customers will be amazed by the pulling performance from the new 4-cyl engine.”

Automatic baler speed control – Case IH Axial Flow combine harvester

Ed Perry Case IH Axial Flow red
Ernest Doe Power general manager, Ed Perry (left) with Case IH demonstrator, Cian O’Leary and the Case IH Optum with a large square baler.

Case I displayed its latest Axial Flow combines on the stand, and a Maxxum with automatic speed  control for large square baling was shown for the first time.

The automatic speed control utilises a LIDAR camera on the front of the cab, which constantly measures the size of the swath in front of the tractor, as well as working load data from the baler imported through the Isobus link.

The LIDAR sensor is available as an option on new tractors, or it can be retrofitted to existing machines. “Professional baling contractors and large farming operations will value it,” explained Ernest Doe Power general manager, Ed Perry.

“It will reduce operator fatigue by automating speed control to suit the crop conditions, and it also steers the tractor and baler combination to follow the rows. Our customers will have access to a demonstration machine this harvest, and it is available to purchase for delivery next year.”

For the latest machinery news, visit our machinery news hub.

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