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Swadro TC 1370 Krone has launched the Swadro TC 1370 as a replacement for the Swadro 1400 Plus. The new model is a four rotor rake designed specifically for contractor

Swadro TC 1370

Krone has launched the Swadro TC 1370 as a replacement for the Swadro 1400 Plus. The new model is a four rotor rake designed specifically for contractor and professional operators.

Hydraulic rotor suspension – that can be adjusted on the move – replaces spring suspension. Soft Down drop control (integral vibration damping) gently lowers the rotors into work (JetEffect). The headland lift height is adjusted directly from the tractor cab.

Operators can now set the electric rotor height from the terminal in the cab, either for each rotor separately or for all rotors in synch after defining one rotor as the main unit. It is possible to retrieve one of two programmable heights from the terminal to adapt to varying conditions on the move. Adjustable headland lift copes with variation in headland swath height. Rotor arms extend automatically to the preset work and swath width as they lower into work.

Swadro TC 1370 has a working width from 10.80m to 13.70m, which is a 20cm increase on the Swadro 1400 Plus. Swath widths are from 1.40m to 2.60m.

The Krone LiftTine is designed to increase forward speed without compromising on crop losses, whilst reducing contamination from soil and stones. The LiftTine can increase forward speed by as much as 20%. The tine arms on the two leading rotors have four LiftTines while the rear two rotors increase from four to five LiftTines per arm.

The lubrication and maintenance free, Duramax cam track, provides accurate control of the tine arm to produce a perfect box shaped swath.

For ease of road transport and improved operator safety there are a number of new features: two transport tyre dimensions, 620/40R22.5 or 710/35R22.5 with bogie wheels matching these tyre sizes; 16×6.50-8 with the standard 620s and 16×9.50-8 the option with the optional 710/35R22.5 tyres; and the compact rear end has LED lights and warning panels for adequate road safety and good visibility in work

Load sensing hydraulics come as standard, but there is an option for non load sensing too.

For convenient, straightforward and fast changeovers for transport heights of less than 4m, the main frame of the centre delivery rake lowers hydraulically into transport position without operators having to remove or fold any tines.

The new Swadro TC 1370 display screen is easy to read and use with only two menu levels, with all major work settings being grouped on just one level and constantly displayed on the screen. This can be operated from an ISOBUS-compatible tractor terminal or the new Krone DS 100 / DS 500 or from one of the two ISOBUS-compatible CCI 800 / CCI 1200 terminals as an option. Operator comfort can be further enhanced by the well-proven WTK joystick or the new CCI A3 joystick.

It is possible to specify the TC 1370 with LED work lights for exemplary visibility in dusk, at night or in difficult weather.

EasyCut Trailed Centre

Krone has introduced six new models to its EasyCut TC and TS trailed mower range, which have been designed to keep them cleaner in work and for easier operation.

EasyCut Trailed Centre (TC) has a mid-mounted drawbar for both, left or right operation, while the Trailed Side (TS) version has a side-mounted drawbar for operation to the right.

With design changes to help reduce ingress of soil and debris very much at the forefront, a key addition is greater clearance under the frame for increased lift out at the headland and improved lateral float.

Mower bed suspension is now hydraulically adjusted from the cab on the go, rather than being spring suspension operated. Mower suspension allows accurate ground contouring thanks to centre of gravity balance. Altering the cutting height hydraulically is also an option. Stretched curtains prevent material collecting on the mower bed.

EasyCut TC and TS are available with two types of conditioners, the well-proven V-steel tines (CV) and the CR roller either with rubber rollers or the new M-Rolls. The M-profile tread is ideal for leafy crops or stone-strewn fields. The 25cm diameter M-Rolls ensure an effective crop flow even in high-yielding crops by kinking the haulms multiple times. This reduces the drying time in the field and ensures a uniform wilting process.

EasyCut mowers also feature the SmartCut mower bed with optimised disc-to-disc spacing for perfect mowing in difficult conditions. The mower bed is fully welded and permanently lubricated and can be set so the discs turn in pairs – suited for wide spreading. Alternatively they can turn towards the centre – suited for swath formation.

The patented SafeCut disc protection system protects the mower bed driveline, while extra wide and hardened skids in various versions, reduce the ground pressure and eliminate ground scuffing. The standard EasyCut skids can be replaced by hard-wearing, combination or high-cutting skids.

Quick-change blades come as standard and can be stored in the integrated storage container. The discs, too, are made to a modular design and the individual components can be replaced according to the degree of wear.

The Collect cross conveyor belt is optional. The 91cm wide belt with a frame on the inside merges even high volumes of crops into compact swaths. The speed of the belt is set steplessly for flexible swath formation. Additional guide plates are fitted for spreading the material across the cutting width and uniform wilting.

Comprima Plus

Krone has launched its new range of compact and high capacity round balers – Comprima Plus. The four models include the solo Comprima F 155 XC Plus (with the well-proven semi variable chamber for 1.25–1.50m diameter bales) and Comprima V 150 XC Plus (variable chamber for 1.00m–1.50m bales) plus a combined baler wrapper version for each model.

The combination baler wrappers twin dispensers orbit around the bale at 36rpm for shorter wrapping cycles. Bale transfer to the wrapping table is fast and reliable with the help of a bale lifter. On the table, which is made up of tubes and chains, the bale is rolled for optimum wrapping. The machine can store up to 12 film rolls in the compartments where they are protected from the ingress of dirt.

Comprima Plus has a camless pick-up and five wavy rows of helical tines designed to evenly distribute material across the full width of the feed chamber and the XCut rotor cutter.

The precision cutting system is available with 17 or 26 blades with cutting lengths of 42mm and 64mm. For maximum crop flexibility they can be selected in groups of 17/8/9/0 and 26/13/13/0. The rotor is made from extra tempered steel with a hard wearing edge on the cutting system to ensure extended use and stability.

Novogrip belts and sturdier chains and sprockets ensure bale roll is not compromised. The variable chamber models now feature electric density control, which allows operators to adjust the bale density from the cab.

LED lights help operators monitor the wrapper and the net application system. More LEDs under the panels make servicing an easier job too. Automatic oil and grease lubrication is standard specification on Comprima Plus for minimum service and maintenance.

All Comprima Plus machines can either take film or net wrapping and a weighing system is available for the CF and CV models. New tyre versions of up to size 500/60 22.5” and the Krone DS500 control unit or the CCI ISOBUS terminal are optional. Available as standard is the TIM tractor implement management system, which reduces operator stress by automating such functions as opening and closing the rear door.

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