Arian 400 updates announced

  Tractors in the 90 to 140hp power range have to be capable of meeting a wide range of demands, ranging from livestock farmers just wanting a simple, straightforward tractor



Tractors in the 90 to 140hp power range have to be capable of meeting a wide range of demands, ranging from livestock farmers just wanting a simple, straightforward tractor for yard and grassland work, to arable farmers looking for greater sophistication for field work.

The Claas Arion 400 range already offers a wide range of cab, transmission and specification options, but is now also available with a range of new equipment options previously only found on higher powered tractors in the Claas range.

A completely new feature that will appeal particularly when the Arion is being used for steering-intensive work, such as with a loader, is Dynamic Steering, which provides three steering modes that enable the steering to be adapted to individual tasks.

In addition to the current 4-speed, 4-range Quadrishift transmission, all models will now be available with the 6-speed, 6-range Hexashift transmission from the Axion 800 and Arion 600/500 ranges. Also new is the availability of the Claas CSM (Claas Sequence Management) headland management system, designed specifically for the CIS colour display used on the Arion 400. The Arion 400 is also now the latest machine in the Claas range that can be monitored using telematics.

Dynamic steering

Currently it takes 4.5 turns of the steering wheel to go from stop-to-stop on the ARION 400. However, with the new Dynamic Steering system, this can be reduced to as little as one turn, making handling significantly easier, especially when turning at the headland or when using a loader.

With Dynamic Steering, using the CIS colour display the driver has the option of either two automatic modes or a manual mode. Using the Steering Angle Dependent mode, which will be applicable to about 90 percent of work done by a tractor this size, the steering speed increases the more the steering wheel is turned, making this especially ideal for loader work. In the Speed Dependent mode, the steering ratio is proportionally reduced as forward speed increases, so will allow for quick and easy headland turning, but stiffens up when in a straight line down the field for a smoother ride. In manual mode, four fixed steering ratios (2.5 / 2 / 1.5 / 1) can be selected depending on the operation.

6-speed Hexashift transmission

Compared with the 16-speed Quadrishift transmission previously available on the Arion 400, the option of the 24-speed Hexashift not only provides the user with a wider overlap between gears, but also the option for the transmission to change gear automatically using the Hexactiv mode.

Due to the wider range of gears, for road work the engine speed is automatically reduced to just 1850rpm to help save fuel and reduce noise in the cab. When in manual Hexashift mode, the operator seamlessly changes through each gear and range using a rocker switch on the Multifunction Control lever. When the Hexactiv mode is selected, both the range and gear changes are made fully automatically, leaving the operator free to concentrate on other machines or the implement behind.

Class sequence management (CSM)

Previously only available on larger tractors with CEBIS, CSM is now available for the Arion 400 controlled using the CIS colour display. As on the CEBIS version, using CIS this allows the operator to record and save a total of four headland sequences with up to 200 steps, which are then activated using either the CIS control panel or the Multifunction Control lever.

Using CSM, operating sequences involving the electronic spool vales and linkages, engine speed and PTO or 4-wheel drive and gear selection can all be recorded.

When recording a sequence, such as turning on the headland, this is recorded on a time-related basis, and is completed in three easy steps. It is then easily recalled using the appropriate function button on the Multifunction Control lever or the main CSM control panel, and the sequence is also shown on the CIS Colour display.

Telematics machine monitoring

Originally introduced on the Claas Lexion combine, Telematics is now widely available across a wide range of Claas machines, including now the Arion 400.

Telematics automatically records the tractor’s operating data, in addition to its position, and automatically uploads this data to the dedicated server. This information can then be viewed remotely and also allows for remote diagnostics if necessary.

A further major benefit of Claas telematics is that tractor and compatible implement data can optionally be automatically recorded and allocated to individual field files, ensuring accurate record keeping of operations, application rates, etc, which can then be quickly and easily viewed, compared and analysed.

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