Smart meter: The opportunity you can’t miss

Among all the different paperwork and certification, reporting the farm’s water consumption to the Environment Agency is a must for all farmers.

WD Meters

It’s a fact that manually checking water meters in every corner of the farm is, well, a pain. Instead, how about taking that time for yourself, your farm, your family or another pint in the pub? So asks WD Meters, whose motto is: “Your dedication is to grow, ours is to simplify”.

In the world of irrigation, efficiency is key, and the IRIS is the answer to water consumption control, the company reckons. Imagine remotely monitoring consumption, conducting data analysis, and ensuring that every drop is counted accurately and effectively.

With IRIS, your hydraulic network becomes a smart marvel that only helps you have all your water meter readings at your fingertips in a single app and online. But that’s not all. IRIS can be programmed to unleash a cascade of instant information through its built-in alarms for leaks, under usage and over usage via immediate text or email messages.

Manufactured in Europe by Hidroconta and distributed by WD Meters in the UK, IRIS is a wireless device with a lifespan of 10 years, adaptable, and ready to integrate with any existing measurement technology.

Are you ready to take the leap towards “hassle-free water consumption control”? Contact WD Meters directly to discover the power of IRIS.

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