Enhancing spray application efficiency

Agrifac addresses the challenge of enhancing spray application efficiency through innovative features in its machines.

farm machinery sprayer

Beyond larger tank sizes and boom widths, Agrifac’s comprehensive approach spans the entire spray process. The Agrifac Endurance exemplifies user-friendly design, featuring a front-accessible fill pump and hopper, enabling a quick 10-minute filling process.

The FastFold boom system swiftly adapts to challenging field shapes, unfolding in 22 seconds. Agrifac says its GreenFlowPlus pump system guarantees 99.99% liquid spray, maintaining constant pressure and application rate, while optimising water and chemical use.

Agrifac says its AiCPlus spot spray camera system revolutionises weed control and spray efficiency. This technology employs artificial intelligence and advanced cameras for real-time, precise weed identification and targeted chemical application. AiCPlus ensures accurate crop-weed differentiation, maximising weed control effectiveness while minimising chemical usage, aligning with sustainable farming practices.

Seamlessly integrated with Agrifac’s patented designs like StabiloPlus and StrictHeightPlus, AiCPlus ensures a stable and precise spraying process, elevating overall weed management efficiency.

Agrifac’s commitment to cutting-edge solutions establishes AiCPlus as a transformative tool for growers, offering optimised and sustainable agricultural practices.

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