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The Ceres Barn-Stormer Grain Pusher offers you an efficient and reliable method for controlling your cereal storage, the company says.

Ceres Barn-Stormer

The 2.5m wide blade is shaped to propel your materials effortlessly; its smooth design without grain traps provides clean operation to avoid the risk of cross-contamination, both inside and outside your buildings. The blade is fitted with a long-lasting, hard-wearing rubber-nylon replaceable wear strip which glides efficiently over wooden, vented and polished or tamped concrete floors with ease.

The large, centrally-mounted tube is not only light and robust, it also increases visibility and manoeuvrability round doorways, ducts, vents and beams. Sufficiently braced from the blade and the headstock, this gives the Barn-Stormer the best strength-to-weight ratio in its class, Ceres claims.

The Barn-Stormer has a variety of applications beyond cereals, for example, it has been used to move coal, wood chips, biomass, animal feeds, salt, silage, animal waste and even aggregates.

The Barn-Stormer is available in a large variety of lengths, from 3.5m up to 16m. Built to order to suit your telehandler or loading shovel, whatever bracket configuration you may have. All models of the Barn-Stormer are also available as an expandable version (the X Range), which allows the length of the implement to be extended by the addition of extra sections of tube, thus increasing the versatility and longevity.

The Ceres team can advise you on the optimum length of grain pusher for you, to increase the speed and efficiency of this task, so that with practice, large trailer loads can be elevated in two or three pushes, with less shunting backwards and forwards, and booming in and out – saving time during the busiest season.

This also increases the lifespan and fuel economy of your telehandler/loading shovel, and preserves the grain store floor, reduces tyre wear and increases traction through better weight distribution of your machine.

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