John Deere introduces new tractors and combines 

Today, John Deere has announced the launch of three new models in the 9RX tractor range, as well as its new S7 combine.

John Deere 9RX tractor in the field

Three new 9RX tractor models  

John Deere has launched its most powerful series tractor ever built at this year’s Commodity Classic show in Houston, Texas, USA, expanding the 9RX range with the 9RX 710, 770, and 830 models.  

With unprecedented pulling performance, enhanced operator comfort and the latest precision agriculture capabilities packed in a vehicle width of less than 3m, the new 9RX models are well suited to the European and CIS markets. 

“Exceptional pulling performance” 

The new 9RX models are equipped with the 18-litre JD18X engine, which provides up to 913 maximum horsepower at low specific fuel consumption and up to 4,234 Nm of torque with the top model. Notably, it achieves full Stage 5 compliance without the need for Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) /AdBlue.   

The triple hydraulic pump option with a maximum flow rate of up to 636 litres/min and the hydraulic Intelligent Power Management (IPM), which provides up to an additional 40 hp if required, deliver enough power even for the largest, hydraulic-driven implements.  

The new fully mechanical e21™ PowerShift transmission with Efficiency Manager utilises the high engine performance and torque of the 9RX effortlessly, while the automation familiar from the e23TM transmission ensures exceptional driving comfort. Its 21 gears feature close spacing, allowing operators to easily set the appropriate speed for different tasks.  

The new undercarriages with their larger 1,200mm diameter drive sprockets come with a wrapping angle of 110-degree and 7.5 drive lug engagement. The maximum ballasting weight of 38,100kg ensures that power and torque are effectively transferred to the ground.  

While the increased horsepower dimensions of the new 9RX require a larger vehicle concept, the minimum ground pressure level remains at 0.58kg/cm², comparable to the current smaller 9RX models. 

Enhanced operator comfort 

With the new CommandView 4 Plus cab, operators will enjoy significantly improved comfort and visibility, as well as a substantial increase in cab floor space. The new cab suspension, featuring three degrees of freedom, combined with an isolated subframe reduces noise and vibrations.  

The ActiveCommand Steering (ACS) adjusts steering effort based on ground speed, ensuring easy and precise handling. With only 3.5 turns of the steering wheel from lock-to-lock in the field, and a ratio change to five turns lock-to-lock on the road for improved control, the 9RX tractor facilitates operator productivity and comfort.  

The Fast Fuel System allows to refill the 1,952-litre* diesel tank in fewer than four minutes, further enhancing operational efficiency and reducing daily non-productive time to a minimum.  

In addition, daily maintenance points can be easily accessed from the ground or through the new service catwalk around the cab. The extended hydraulic oil service interval of 4,000 hours and an optional reversible fan further contribute to an increase in uptime.  

Latest precision agriculture capabilities 

The 9RX tractor features advanced smart farming capabilities, including the 32.5cm (12.8in) high-definition G5Plus CommandCenter and a full integration of John Deere Precision Ag Technology such as Variable Rate Control, 1-Click-Go-AutoSetup, Section Control and full AEF Isobus compatibility.  

Standard features such as JDLink Connectivity, documentation, and DataSync increase overall operating performance. The free John Deere Operations Center serves as a central platform to connect machines, operators, and fields, facilitating data import and cooperation with third parties. 

*Max. permissible tank capacity may vary by country. 

New S7 combines  

John Deere has also today launched its new S7 Combine at the Commodity Classic in Houston, Texas, USA – a machine designed to deliver increased efficiency with the latest John Deere engines and higher productivity through advanced harvesting automation.  

The S7 has a new cab, styling and naming as well as integrated advanced precision agriculture features, offering a wide range of the leading technology already tried and trusted in the John Deere X9 combines.

John Deere S7 900 combine harvesting wheat

Harvesting performance 

The new S7 combines are equipped with the latest generation JDX engines. The 9-litre JD9X engine powers the S7 700, whilst the S7 800, S7 850 & S7 900 are powered by the 13.6-litre JD14X. The field-proven John Deere engines deliver strong results across all harvesting conditions.  

Notably, the JD14X engine with HarvestMotion achieves maximum power at a reduced engine speed of just 2,000 RPM. In addition, the new S7 adopts the X9 residue management system to further enhance overall efficiency. The unloading auger for the S7 also comes with the adjustable spout which can be controlled from the cab for easier and more accurate filling of the trailer. 

Advanced harvesting automation 

The S7 combines offer advanced harvesting automation through optional technology packages that include automation solutions such as Harvest Settings Automation, where automatic adjustments of five internal combine settings take place during harvest; based on grain loss, foreign material, and broken grain limits.  

Also new to the S7 is Predictive Ground Speed Automation. This predictive system senses the crop through several different sources, including satellite biomass maps and live automation camera feedback.  

The S7 uses this live camera feedback to detect crop height and/or down crop to further adjust the ground speed in real-time. 

New cab and integrated precision ag capabilities 

The new cab – the same as in the flagship X9 – features the G5Plus CommandCenter, enabling smart farming functionalities such as AutoTrac, AutoTrac Turn Automation, Documentation, and DataSync.  

Additionally, a new high-definition corner post display with a user-friendly interface and digital readouts of combine performance enhances the overall operator experience. The integrated StarFire receiver ensures exceptional signal stability and 2.5cm pass-to-pass accuracy.  

The integrated precision agriculture capabilities are complimented by JDLink, providing two-way connectivity for automatic uploading of crop and machine data to the John Deere Operations Center and for remote monitoring in real-time.  

This connectivity is essential for maximising uptime during harvest.  

New styling and naming 

The new styling of the S7 combines emphasises the family ties with the John Deere flagship X9, for instance the dynamic styling of the side panels of the combine that customers are familiar with from the X9. The new naming style indicates separator technology, model family, overall capacity, and in the future major updates of the series in each model name. 

Model year 25 updates for X9 combines 

Updates for the X9 combines were also presented at the Commodity Classic event. Starting with model year 2025 the flagship combines from John Deere will also offer all harvesting automation features introduced with the S7 models.  

Additionally, the grain sensing technology, already familiar from the S7 and T series, will now be offered with all X9 combine models. 

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