New green harvesting range enters the market

The appeal of Fendt as a manufacturer of high quality farm machinery has spread rapidly throughout the UK and Ireland.


The appeal of Fendt as a manufacturer of high quality farm machinery has spread rapidly throughout the UK and Ireland, over the past two decades in particular, as more and more farmers aspire to own and operate the best, says the company.

Many have come to appreciate the sheer power, reliability, quiet efficiency and attention to detail that comes as standard with a Fendt tractor. But these qualities can now be found in an increasingly comprehensive range of essential farm machinery – the latest being hay and forage equipment, which joins the now sector-leading Fendt Katana self-propelled forage harvester.

Starting with the Fendt Cutter drum mower, users will quickly appreciate their most efficient start to the forage harvesting process, with four drums working away tirelessly under all conditions to produce high quality forage, time after time.

To accommodate uneven terrain, Fendt has developed two fronted-mounted versions – one of which has an oscillating linkage that pivots from side to side, working in perfect synchronicity with the load-relief front linkage control on the Fendt tractor.

Those with a preference for the rear-mounted format can chose between a three-point, side-mounted mower, with spring relief ensuring low ground pressure, or the three-point, centre-mounted option with its TurboLift system.

All four mower versions are extremely operator-friendly, allowing comfortable access for maintenance, with the quick-release blade system keeping downtime to an absolute minimum.

The Fendt Slicer disc mower delivers a perfect cut, achieved at speed, free of soil contamination over any terrain and engineered with the needs of smaller-to-medium sized farming operations in mind. A lightweight design and ideal specification provides a working width of more than 3.0m – impressive coverage, especially when it can be achieved with a tractor as small as 50hp.

The flat cutter bar, with spring relief as standard, adapts quickly to the terrain, resulting in inch-perfect following of the ground contours. Fendt Slicer mowers can be front-, centre- or side-mounted – or as a rear mower combination with a working width of up to 9.3m. Even the most dense crops, which would prove a challenge for many machines, are handled with ease, in combination with a conditioner and conveyor for extra efficiency.

The satisfaction of looking back at a job well done is one of the principal attractions of the Fendt Former hay rake – and something users will take with them into the autumn.

Full operator control of the entire hay raking process is maintained at all working widths, from 3.4m to a substantial 12.5m, centred on the single, double or four-rotor rakes. The versatile design of the Former, whether central or side delivery, ensures the swath is exactly where it needs to be, while conversion to a two-swath deposit on the side delivery hay rake takes a matter of seconds.

Two-rotor models have a transport chassis with the SteerGuard steering system, so negotiating even narrow or winding roads en route to the field is a safe and low-stress part of the job.

Almost 100 years of experience and evolution have produced today’s Fendt Twister, a tedder that dries the crop rapidly and cleanly – whether in confined corners or on difficult terrain – thanks to the three point attachment.

The Twister incorporates a number of clever features to ensure a high quality result: patented traction compression system, integrated swing brake and the edge spreading mechanism – to name just three.

Compact and safe in transport, wide and stable in the field, the Twister turns and loosens the crop uniformly and features optimal ground contour reading. Strong on both design and durability, the rotor heads protect the gear mechanism from dust, so reducing the maintenance requirement.

The SuperC tines have successfully encountered the most demanding test routines – over 200,000 impacts without any evidence of damage, for example – to ensure the crop is well-aired, loose and uniformly mixed.

It may have been a long time in the planning, but the Fendt Hay & Forage Equipment range is ready to go – and available now from participating dealers.

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