New radial tractor tyre completes portfolio

Alliance has completed its Agri Star ll tyre portfolio with the new 65 series. The radial tractor tyre with Stratified Layer Technology (SLT) is now available in 65, 70, 80/85 and 90/95 series and thus suitable for a wide range of machines.

Alliance Agri Star 2 tyre

In 2020, YOHT‘s flagship brand, Alliance, marked a significant milestone with the introduction of the Agri Star II. This launch showcased groundbreaking innovations on two fronts: the pioneering Stratified Layer technology and a unique design for the tyre flanks. These features embody the manufacturer’s distinct vision for the tyre, emphasising the advanced technology and materials employed.

The introduction of the 65 series, comprising 25 sizes right from the start, significantly expands the Agri Star II range once again: in total 114 SKUs are now available in 65, 70, 80/85 and 90/95 series.

Multi-angle lugs offer durability

The Agri Star II features several special design characteristics. The unique Stratified Layer Technology (SLT) gives a “new life” to the tyre after the first 40% of wear, thus also ensuring perfect traction throughout the second half of the tyre’s service life.

One striking feature is the different lug geometry in the lower tread layer: the multi-angle tread pattern is designed so that the lugs are broader and more curved. The increased contact area between the tyre and the ground fully compensates for the reduced tread depth after 40% of wear and provides traction right up to the end of the very long service life.

Developed “with experts for experts”

The intensive involvement of farmers from various countries in the definition of key performance parameters and the development of the tyre itself resulted in the Agri Star II. These include impressive traction and reduced slippage as well as excellent handling characteristics and outstanding stability, says Alliance.

These characteristics are ensured by the use of particularly wear-resistant material compounds and high-quality polyester for the carcass.

Special look as a bonus

The Agri Star II is not only characterised by its outstanding performance but also by its special aesthetics, Alliance concludes. The particularly striking appearance of this tyre series is partly due to the curved lug profile.

Other special features include the 5-bladed design with its 3D effect, the glossy Teflon mould, the water droplet-like applications on the tyre’s flank and the appealing “blacker than black” colour.

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