No shortage of new product news at ambitious German event

Farmers Guide attended Fendt’s European product launch which provided the first opportunity for customers, dealers and press to view new 7th generation 700 Vario-series tractors, the new flagship Katana 850 forage harvester as well as a mid-sized telehandler, new combines, balers and grass harvesting products. David Williams reports.

The star of the event at Kolitzheim, near Wurzburg, was undoubtedly the 700 Vario  tractor series, but there was plenty of other  new machinery displayed too.

The event started with a presentation highlighting impressive sales and profitability for the Agco brand. Talking about new products and ongoing investment in research and development, Fendt spent €76M in 2020, €93.8M in 2021, and will invest €118.5M in 2022.

Sustainable farming innovations feature at most manufacturer events, and Fendt said that development of its e100-series battery-powered tractor is ongoing, and the model is likely to come to the market in the next few years. However, it is also testing hydrogen-fuelled tractors which are considered a potential solution for the higher horsepower sector where electric power doesn’t make sense, but a supply and storage infrastructure to support the fuel is needed.

Ready market

Fendt UK retail manager Richard Miller, and advertising and sales promotion manager Ed Dennett are excited by the new models and updates. “We have a superb range of products backed up by an excellent dealer network, and many of the new and updated models displayed in Germany have come about due to customer demand,” commented Ed, speaking at the event.

“The new 7th generation 700 Vario-series are particularly exciting, with features to optimise performance and efficiency and an extremely comfortable cab that will impress existing Fendt customers and those currently using other brands. We feel extremely positive for the future, and we know that our dealers do, too.”


7th Gen 700 Vario

By volume, the 700 Vario is Fendt’s most important model, commented vice president of marketing, Roland Schmidt. In Europe, Fendt has a 25% share of the 140–240hp tractor power segment and every fourth tractor supplied is a 700 Vario from the Fendt factory in Marktoberdorf. The new 7th generation 700 Vario models can operate on 60in tramlines with power outputs up to 300hp, and with front tyres up to 1.6m diameter and rears up to 2.05m diameter they can still match the manoeuvrability of the smaller 500 Vario models.

“The new models are the best tractors we have ever designed and built,” he confirmed.

Ideal updates

Minor upgrades to the impressive Ideal combines include additional storage space in the cab, and a new air box to provide extra cooling capacity around the engine. There are new unloading auger options with increased CTF compatibility, and with room underneath for high-capacity chaser wagons.

The model displayed at the event carried a Geringhoff header. The Draper headers have a split reel and frame for superb adaptation to uneven ground, and are available as an option now ordered from official Fendt UK dealers.

Ed Dennett commented that the Fendt Ideal is proving extremely popular with UK farmers, and that 50 were working in the UK during the 2022 harvest.

Rogator upgrades

Altek quad-nozzle bodies with electric switching are a new option for the Rogator line-up.

For 2023, the cab features improvements including an effective cool box, and the mirrors are repositioned. Access is easier and safer up improved cab steps.

“It’s a very important machine for the UK market and there are more than 250 working now,” explained Ed Dennett. “Fendt has continued its investment in the product line-up to keep pace with customer requirements and legislation. Electric nozzle switching is much faster than other systems allowing quicker adaptation to application rate changes for greater accuracy.”

New mid-size handler

Fendt added its high-specification and high capacity T955 Cargo telehandler to the line-up in 2019, but a smaller T740 version with 7.7m maximum lift height and 4t lift capacity is now also available. It features Fendt’s exclusive lifting cab which allows operators a clear view of the attachment and load when working at height, as well as into trailers or hoppers when tipping loads. There is no B-pillar, which contributes to a great all-around view from the seat, and cab suspension through an accumulator operates when the cab is lifted just a few cm from the base.

The control layout is new, and the colour coding is like other Fendt machines.

Impressive hydraulic performance includes a third service with flow rate independent of the engine revs making it ideal for powered attachments.

A Cummins 136hp engine provides the power.

Cover options

Tigo forage wagons with a new covering system meeting increased customer demand were displayed.

Round baler

A new Profi version of the Rotana round baler is available with moisture sensors, Tractor Implement Management (TIM) functionality and a weigher. “Fendt baler sales are buoyant,” explained Ed Dennett. “Many balers have been supplied to customers who used the previous Lely products, but there are increasing numbers of users who moved to Fendt from other brands.

“When you see bales made by balers of various brands, it’s very easy to identify those made by the Fendt as the shape and density are always very good. The ability to weigh bales and record the weights is something we are increasingly asked for, and the latest Rotana is the only solo baler with it available as an option.”

Corus combine

The new Corus combine models (above and right) have replaced the previous E-series and are available with Multi Crop Separation (MCS) which can be engaged to increase the threshing area in difficult conditions and disengaged when it isn’t required to protect the straw and reduce the power requirement. A new AgcoPower engine produces 260hp. There are air hose outlets for convenient cleaning, and the combine cab features a brand-new armrest used for the first time in this model.

Katana 850

Fendt’s new Katana 850 forage harvester shares a revised crop flow system which has already proved very successful on the smaller Katana 650. The new flagship has a Liebherr 6-cyl engine producing up to 847hp, and for the first time it is available with an NIR sensor, which enables users to accurately monitor and record forage quality.

New mower-conditioner

The Slicer 860 mower-conditioner is completely new, and weighs only 2,250kg, making it ideal for use with smaller tractors. The conditioner features large 5mm tines to maximise crop flow and keep the cutting area clear for optimum cut quality. Production started last month, and the new model is available for next season.

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