How to reduce your grain drying costs

Grain Sentry is Perry of Oakley’s automatic drier moisture monitoring system, which controls the drier temperature, fan speed and discharge speed automatically. The accurate control of those parameters results in significant operational savings.

Perry of Oakley Grain Sentry

At the heart of the Grain Sentry is a state-of-the-art self-teaching algorithm developed in-house at Perry’s utilising the team’s extensive knowledge of real-world drier operation.

Alongside the algorithm is a moisture meter that only requires an annual calibration (that’s a game changer, says Perry). This technology is integrated with the grain drier using a suction system fitted to the incoming and outgoing conveyors or ducts resulting in a true average sample being taken.

Drier grain samples are taken at a minimum of every two minutes. The moisture content is measured, and the results fed into the self-teaching algorithm which calculates how long the grain needs to transit through the drier, at what temperature, fan speed and discharge speed. Based on that information the system changes those parameters to achieve the required grain moisture content without over-drying.

Perry of Oakley grain drier

So how big are the savings? Based on a 30tph throughput drier, drying 6,000 tonnes per season in average conditions, the direct drying cost savings would be approximately £21,500 per season, according to Perry.

The company invites farmers to get in touch with your real-life data and the team will run it through their calculator and show you how much you could save. It can be retro-fitted to any roller or shutter discharge continuous flow grain drier or conveyor drier.

Concluding, Perrys says it has been a key part of the British agricultural sector for over 75 years and designs and manufactures its entire product range in the UK, which means that all the support you need is rapidly available, including a large stock of spares.

Contact Perrys directly today for all your handling, storage and drier requirements and receive a free, no obligation quotation.

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