Silver Agribex Award for revolutionary weed control solution

AGXTEND, a brand of CNH Industrial, presents the revolutionary XPOWER™ system in collaboration with Zasso

A systemic weed control solution with the broadest weed spectrum, XPOWER enables effective and environmentally-friendly weed control with easy-to-calculate timing and dosage, for a sustainable weed control strategy.

AGXTEND, a brand of CNH Industrial, presents the revolutionary XPOWER system in collaboration with Zasso. Electronic in place of chemical weed control allows a wider range of application and is at the same time particularly environmentally friendly. With this development, AGXTEND is responding to the current challenges in weed control: increasing herbicide resistance, major restrictions on the approval of active ingredients, social efforts towards ecological agriculture and considerable public skepticism with regard to pesticide applications. Meanwhile, pressure from agriculture to work more productively and achieve high yields is a further driving force.

Systemic mode of action
XPOWER technology works by using electrical energy to target and destroy primarily the water and nutrient supply system of weeds right down into the roots, as well as damaging the chlorophyll. The energy causes cells to burst and cell sap to seep into the intercellular spaces. The plant’s vascular bundles, its main arteries for water supply, are ultimately destroyed, desiccating the plant. The chlorophyll green leaf pigment is eliminated from the photosynthetic process and then carries on destroying itself because it can no longer emit the absorbed light energy. The plants are therefore not destroyed thermally, but systemically.

The mode of action of XPOWER is best compared with that of glyphosate, working into the roots. Among its most important benefits, is that it is instant and residue-free. XPOWER, with its approach, got the Silver Agribex Award.

XPOWER in practice
XPOWER offers a revolutionary new method of controlling weeds and a powerful alternative to current weed control solutions in many urban and agriculture fields. It can be used in weed control strategies and has a range of applications including false/stale seedbeds, weed control pre-emergence of the crop, and prevention of weed re-emergence.
A special field of application is the desiccation of potatoes for harvest preparation, which has traditionally relied upon applications of diquat or glufosinate-ammonium based products. These, however, are due to be withdrawn from the market due to the loss of European and country registrations.
An improvement in environmental, consumer and user protection

XPOWER allows farmers to reduce or replace synthetic crop protection products. It is a non-selective, systemic contact herbicide that can be used in most weather conditions and offers great flexibility. Fast acting and a longlasting effect, it does not lose its efficacy in rain after application, unlike chemical weed control. Integration into existing weed control strategies can effectively reduce the use of synthetic herbicides and thus the prevention of future herbicide resistance. XPOWER can also prevent erosion and soil moisture loss, unlike to mechanical weed control, and applications are not subject to legal restrictions such as proximity to water. In addition, the user is not placed into contact with toxic substances and XPOWER leaves no residues. Neither soil, water nor insects are affected. As a result, XPOWER is a useful additional tool towards partial or total herbicide-free food production.

Sustainable weed control strategy
Successful arable farming requires a sensible and sustainable weed control strategy. Increasing resistance on the one hand and decreasing product approvals on the other have led to the need for new thinking in weed control. Mechanical weed control can be a solution but is often the trigger for erosion and soil moisture loss. XPOWER offers an innovative and sustainable approach and combines all aspects of sensible weed control: it is cost effective, efficacious, offers a broad spectrum and protects the ecosystem. This provides farmers with a secure strategy for sustainable arable farming.

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