A sneak peek of the latest sprayer tech at Cereals 2024 

The Syngenta Sprays and Sprayers Arena has become a ‘shop window’ at the Cereals Event for the latest innovation and technologies. This year will be no different, with a display of new developments in pioneering precision application practices.

The Syngenta Sprays and Sprayers Arena became a ‘shop window’ at the Cereals Event for the latest innovation and technologies. This year will be no different, with a display of new developments in pioneering precision application practices. 

These new developments could herald a step change in approaches to agronomy decisions and sprayer technologies, according to Harry Fordham, Syngenta’s new farming technology lead.  

He believes that precision application and artificial intelligence are opening opportunities to be far more targeted in product application for more specific treatments.  

Mr Fordham added: “This will deliver both agronomic advantages and reduced environmental impact. 

“Ultimately, growers can achieve better results from reduced overall product use, and Sprays and Sprayers is a showcase for these new technologies.” 

Moving towards more precise techniques 

Along with the chance to experience the very latest in current sprayer technology, Mr Fordham said that Syngenta application specialists will also be on hand at the event to offer insight into the future. 

He added: “The immense potential of precision application includes innovative concepts of satellite mapping with variable rate treatment, prescription application, optical sensor spot spraying, and drones – along with other techniques.      

“The move towards more precise techniques that allow better targeted application is essential for the efficiency of farm production. And with better targeting comes the chance to meet regulatory objectives that will assure future product availability.” 

In the demonstration arena, more than 10 manufacturers will be showcasing their kit.  

A sample of some of this year’s demonstrators 


Amazone will be sticking with its usual trio of the UX 01 Super, a top-of-the range UX 4201 with 36, 24, and 12m Super-L3 boom options, a UF 1602/24m with FT1502 front tank, and a Pantera 4504 with the 36, 24, and 12m Super-L3 boom, plus all the latest gadgets. 

The company will also present its new Pantera 7004 with its variable front and back track adjustment and self-levelling suspension, along with an 8,000-litre UX 7601, which will be used to demonstrate the functionality of AmaSelect individual nozzle control technology, alongside AmaSelect Row, AmaSelect Spot, and CurveControl.  

Amazone Pantera 7004 self-propelled sprayer

Amazone managing director Simon Brown said: “Our aim at Amazone is to provide responsible and sustainable spraying technology that maximises chemical efficacy and minimises input costs. 

“Using our hi-tech features like DirectInject, ContourControl, and AmaSelect Spot, the complete wet system and boom technology is designed to have the correct nozzle size and type, applying the most appropriate tank mix at the right rate, to the selected plants, with minimum drift and overlap.” 


Fendt will also be returning to the arena with a much-loved favourite, the Fendt Rogator 600 self-propelled sprayer.  

Ed Dennett, Fendt marketing manager, UK and Ireland, said: “The Fendt Rogator 600 continues to be popular amongst farmers and contractors alike, with various boom widths, axle configurations, and two ride heights available across the range. 

Fendt Rogator 600 self-propelled sprayer

“The MY24 model features recent developments, including improved nozzles, plumbing, and easier options for tank cleaning, which are all aimed at maximising uptime and output without compromising on the job.   

“We look forward to demonstrating this machine once again, and welcoming customers to our stand throughout the show.” 

John Deere 

A trio of sprayers from the John Deere household will be making their way around the arena at this year’s Cereals Event, including the R740i 24m trailed sprayer, the R9620 36m trailed sprayer, and the 340M self-propelled sprayer.  

The event will be the first large outing for the 340M and its Cereals debut, said the firm’s product sales specialist  Mark James.  

He added: “All three of the machines we are showing have our unique PowrSpray dual-circuit solution system, with benefits including fast filling for a quick turnaround and more hectares sprayed per day. 

John Deere 340M self-propelled sprayer

“They also all feature our in-house developed individual nozzle control system, reducing overlaps and misses to the minimum, helping to reduce input costs.” 

In terms of their connectivity, the trio also boasts John Deere’s ISOBUS control systems capable of variable rate applications, spot-spraying, documentation, and work planning with synchronisation to the John Deere Operations Centre. 


Kuhn will be showing the benefits of its Metris 4102 trailed sprayer in the Sprays and Sprayers arena, which is claimed to offer users increased output and technology to improve application uniformity. 

The sprayer has a 4,100-litre polyester tank featuring a deep sump, offering a low centre of gravity. The application is controlled via Kuhn’s Diluset+ system, which gives users the benefits of semi-automated filling with a pause mode, in-cab display, and partial rinsing of the sprayer from the tractor.  

Continuous Circulation – Electric circulation (CCE) offers electronic continuous circulation to increase spraying quality and ensure each nozzle is primed to apply the correct amount of liquid, while the RHPA 24m tri-fold booms give operators a lightweight boom option.  

Kuhn Metris 4102 trailed sprayer

The sprayer also includes Kuhn’s Boom Assist Slant, which features two ultrasonic sensors for height and tilt boom control, combined with a CCI A3 joystick. This gives users up to 30 controls via one joystick, for quick and simple operation and folding. 

“Cereals also provides us with a great opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of our Metris 2 sprayer range.  

“With a 4,100-litre capacity, it has wide appeal to many users looking to increase output and maximise spray quality via the latest technology,” added Edd Fanshawe, Kuhn’s arable and connected services product specialist.   

FSOOTY 2024 

The winner of this year’s Syngenta Farm Sprayer Operator of the Year (FSOOTY) will once again be crowned in the Syngenta Sprays and Sprayers arena on the first day of the event, 11th June. 

Iain Lindsay, Syngenta application specialist, said: “This prestigious award recognises the professionalism of sprayer operators across UK farms. 

“Past winners have demonstrated their skills and expertise in every area of crop spraying, from the initial agronomy decisions through to the storage and handling of products, and to the final point of accurate and, above all, safe application.” 

Cereals Event will take place on 11th and 12th June 2024 at Bygrave Woods, Newnham Farm, Hertfordshire, SG7 5JX. 

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