John Deere tops UK tractor registrations, latest figures show

Recent figures show John Deere accounted for 30.4% of UK tractor registrations in 2022, putting it back into the top position.

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Figures from the Agricultural Engineers Association show that 3,960 John Deere tractors were registered in 2022, making up 30.4% of the total. This is an uplift from 25.3% in 2021, putting the brand back in the top spot.

CNH, which was top of the list in 2021, had 3,390 registrations (26%), followed by AGCO with 2,895 registrations (22.2%).

Others in the tractor registrations list were:

  • Kubota: 7.3%, 956 registrations 
  • Claas: 3.6%, 470 registrations
  • JCB: 2.1%, 274
  • Same Deutz-Fahr: 1.4%, 176 registrations
  • AgriArgo (McCormick and Landini): 1%, 129 registrations
  • Others: 5.9%, 1167.

At the start of 2023, tractor manufacturers were still working through a backlog of orders which had built up in the previous two years due to widespread supply chain disruptions following the Covid-19 pandemic and Russian invasion of Ukraine, AEA reports. That meant that, although 2023 was a tougher year for farm finances, registrations of agricultural tractors held up. 

They started the year strongly and in the first half of the year were 6% higher than in the same period of 2022. The picture began to reverse in the second half of the year, by which time most delayed orders had been fulfilled and reduced demand from struggling farmers was starting to have an effect. In the end, the number of agricultural tractors registered finished at a similar level to that seen in 2022 (and, indeed, in most recent years), at 11,816 machines.

Tractor registrations in 2023 were 2% higher than than in 2022 and remained close to the average size of the market in the previous five years. With the exception of the pandemic affected year of 2020, the UK tractor market has been remarkably stable of late, with registrations falling between 11,580 and 12,040 in six of the last seven years. 

As a result, the total power of tractors registered annually has fluctuated around 2 million horsepower, without a clear long-term trend. In 2023, growth was mainly at the top of the power range, so the total power of agricultural tractors registered during 2023 was the highest since 2012, when nearly 20% more machines were being sold.

Over the long-term, the average power of tractors has increased at a steady pace since at least 1990, when the average power of tractors registered was 90hp. In 2023, it reached 174hp, over 5hp higher than in 2022 and beating the previous record set in 2020.

At regional level, there was growth in most parts of the UK in 2023 but significantly fewer machines were registered in Northern Ireland and the North East of England than in 2022. There were also marginally fewer recorded in East Anglia, South Wales and the North West. The fastest growth was in the English Midlands and the South West, according to the figures.

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