Dog owner pays farmer £300 after lamb was killed

Police have ordered a dog owner to pay £300 and issued a conditional caution after their loose dog killed a lamb.

A dog owner has been ordered to pay £300 after their loose dog killed a lamb in Sturminster Newton, Dorset. 

The incident happened in Sturminster Newton, Dorset, on 29th March, causing the death of one lamb. 

Shortly after the attack, the owner of the dog came forward to provide an account. 

Fine up to £1,000 

A spokesperson for Dorset Police Rural Crime Team said: “We were able to deal with this dog owner out of court by way of conditional caution, and they have been ordered to pay back the victim farmer £300 to cover the loss suffered. 

“On this occasion, the dog owner did the right thing by coming forward. 

“Cases of sheep worrying can carry a fine of up to £1,000. 

“Sheep are valuable assets to farmers and any harm to them harm a farmer’s livelihood. Even if you don’t believe so, your dog can kill. 

“Please remember to keep your dogs on a lead around livestock.” 

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Tips for dog owners  

NFU Mutual has recently published data showing that farm animals worth an estimated £1.8 million were killed or injured by out-of-control dogs in only one year. 

NFU Mutual’s tips for dog owners visiting the countryside:  

  • Keep dogs on a lead when walking in rural areas where livestock are kept but let go of the lead if chased by cattle 
  • Be aware that all dogs, regardless of size, breed, and temperament, can cause the distress, injury, and death of farm animals 
  • Report attacks by dogs to the police or local farmers 
  • Never let dogs loose unsupervised in gardens near livestock fields – many attacks are caused by dogs that escape and attack sheep grazing nearby.  

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