What can we expect from Clarkson’s Farm season 3? 

The driest summer in 87 years, Kaleb’s promotion and the hardships of pig farming are only a few of the topics that will be uncovered during the long-awaited season three of Clarkson’s Farm. 

Part 1 of the show (episodes 1-4) will launch on 3rd May, followed by Part 2 (episodes 5-8) launching on 10th May. All episodes will be available exclusively in over 240 countries and territories on Prime Video. 

Clarkson’s Farm fans had a chance to get a sneak peek into the new season with the trailer released on 18th April. 

The driest summer in 87 years, Kaleb’s promotion and the hardships of pig farming are only a few topics that will be uncovered during the long-awaited season three of Clarkson’s Farm. 

Farming the unfarmed 

After the successful finale of season two, where Mr Clarkson and his team managed to open their restaurant against all the odds, we return to Diddly Squat Farm to find that everything has come crashing down.  

The council has served a closure notice on the restaurant and now has its sights set on the farm shop and its car park. This, in turn, means most of Mr Clarkson’s beloved cow herd must go.  

What is more, the freakish weather is ruining the crops, with Cheerful Charlie warning of crippling costs and poor yields. 

Desperate to find new income streams, Mr Clarkson decides to “farm the unfarmed”. He aims to make money from the 500 acres of hedgerows and woodland where no crops are grown.  

This ignites a blizzard of schemes that he hopes will generate cash. Like some frenzied Apprentice candidate, Mr Clarkson bounces between pig farming, jam making, goat herding, deer hunting and mushroom growing.  

As the audience can expect, these ventures will vary between success and total failure. 

Not only joyful moments  

Along the way, the Diddly Squat owner learns how to raise pigs and fight off marauding goats, while at the same time coping with a mushroom epidemic that threatens to engulf him.  

Meanwhile, Kaleb Cooper, now promoted to farm manager and in charge of the fields, is not only in competition with Mr Clarkson to see who can make the most money, but he must also deal with an unwelcome rival who has a new way of growing crops.  

However, he still finds time with Charlie to accept an invitation to Downing Street, where he dispenses some Kaleb wisdom. 

Elsewhere Charlie is leading the Battle of the Red Tape against the council, as he tries to save the farm shop from closure, the place where Lisa must deal with the fruits of Mr Clarkson’s hare brained schemes. 

Amongst all the joyful and calamitous moments though, there is genuine heartbreak as we see Mr Clarkson and his partner Lisa unable to cope with some of the animal deaths.  

Without a doubt, this season contains the saddest moments ever seen on Diddly Squat, all of them a part of the tapestry of life on a farm. 

Clarkson-Cooper tension 

While asked if fans of Clarkson’s Farm can expect more phenomenal arguments between him and Kaleb in the latest series, Mr Clarkson said: “I struggle to argue with him about farming because he just knows more than I do (he gets very frustrated with me!). 

“But when we do things like trying to repair the dam, that’s construction, and neither of us really know what we’re doing there. So that was one of our big arguments. Then he was made to wear health and safety equipment, which nearly killed him because he stepped off the machine still attached to it and hit his head.” 

Kaleb Cooper added: “Jeremy made me farm manager. I don’t know why he did it this year because I’ve been doing it for the last five years, let’s face it, but I’m farm manager on paper now because apparently before that I was just a ‘farm worker’, as everyone keeps telling me. 

“Jeremy and I have a little bit of a competition where we see who can make the most money – me doing the traditional farming, and Jeremy working on the unfarmed land. 

“I won’t say who won, but I think it’s going to really drive it home for people that you really have to speculate a lot of money as a farmer without knowing if you’re going to make any of it back. 

“It’s a risk our farmers take every year, and that’s why they struggle with the job they do.” 

Biggest argument ever 

Kaleb added that this series will see “the biggest argument ever” between him and Mr Clarkson. He said: “Don’t get me wrong, I love the man. I think when you’re good friends with someone, and you have that amazing chemistry, it makes everything easier.  

“Yes, we can argue, and yes, we can shout at each other, but at the same time, we’re friends. Two minutes after an argument, we can just agree to disagree and go for a cup of tea or go to the pub and have a pint.”

Showing everybody what real farming is 

Mr Clarkson added that there were no difficult decisions in the edit about how much of farming hardships to show.

He said: “Farming on television has been portrayed in the past as fresh straw, fluffy lambs, agreeable calves: a bit like Babe. 

“I had it in my head before we ever started the farm that farming wasn’t like that – that it was much dirtier and harder, and I always wanted to show it like it actually is. 

“Every single TV show or movie we watched as a child was sad: Lassie, Ring of Bright Water where the otter gets a shovel through his head, Old Yeller, he died. Born Free was an absolute tear-jerker.  

“There was never a children’s film in the sixties and seventies where it had a happy ending, and I don’t know what happened, but movie producers decided films needed happy endings, and that’s what we’ve got used to. 

“Well, farming doesn’t have many happy endings, as we’ve discovered. We want to do real farming and show everybody what real farming is. So whatever happens on the farm, we show it on television.” 

Prime Video has also confirmed it is preparing season four of Clarkson’s Farm. 

Watch the trailer: 

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