How to maximise spring barley this season 

An unusually wet spring meant there was very little spring barley in the ground by mid-April, when a press briefing saw experts share top tips on maximising the crop – as well as a new barley resource for growers and agronomists. Sarah Kidby reports.

Wildfarmed: Rewarding quality, not quantity

Clarkson’s Farm fans will have seen Andy Cato, of Groove Armada fame, on a recent episode of the hit show, encouraging Jeremy Clarkson to drill a field blending both wheat and beans. Kaleb Cooper certainly took some convincing, but unlike some of Jeremy’s own experiments, this is one which has some real science and thought behind it.

Senova’s new cereal varieties to be unveiled at Cereals

New and promising cereal varieties from Senova will sit alongside some existing favourites at this year’s Cereals event.

Interest levels secure biostimulant brand’s return to Cereals 

MJP Supplies, the UK distributor of Algifol, said that enquiry levels at last year’s Cereals 2023 show and subsequent sales of the seaweed-based biostimulant encouraged it to book again for this year’s event. 

Major developments for drill range

The Fentech Agri drill range has grown significantly in 2023/2024 and the company is keen to show the new options to customers at this year’s Cereals event. The major developments come mainly in the form of ‘options’.

Septoria flag leaf sprays need to balance risk and reward 

Striking a balance between maximising crop potential and managing input costs will be the challenge for cereal growers approaching T2 fungicide sprays this month, experts warn.

LSPB rebrands as NPZ UK and showcases varieties at Cereals

NPZ UK, formerly LSPB, returns to Cereals with a stand 50% larger than last year and a greatly expanded range of varieties on show.

Crop trading made easy – sell your grain with confidence

Hectare launched in 2016 to make crop trading easier for farmers and to provide access to the UK’s largest network of buyers, so you can compare price offers and sell grain with confidence.

Five top tips for a successful harvest

Plug&Cool has highlighted five ways in which you can maximise your harvest revenue with some simple pointers to keep every farm on track.

How to eradicate grain store pests

Preventing pests is easier than tackling an established infection, so it’s important to know your enemy, monitor for grain store pests regularly and treat where necessary using an IPM approach.

How to reduce your grain drying costs

Grain Sentry is Perry of Oakley’s automatic drier moisture monitoring system, which controls the drier temperature, fan speed and discharge speed automatically. The accurate control of those parameters results in significant operational savings.

Fife farmer shares secret of his crop ‘stand-out performer’ 

From early to late drilling, ploughed land to min-tilled, and high to low soil fertility, Fife farmer and contractor Zander Hughes faces almost every possible cropping scenario across the 320ha he farms for a range of clients.

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