Are reports over crop size enough to concern not just farmers, but also consumers?

At this time of the year, it’s not just farmers looking at weather and crop prospects, but every consumer – be that one that uses combinable crops for feed, food or energy.

New cereal fungicides to be launched in the UK 

Agrochemical manufacturer Sumitomo Chemical Agro Europe, known for its biorational agricultural products and solutions, aims to strengthen its market presence in both Europe and the UK with a significant pipeline of new products.

Growers urged that yellow rust ‘lurking’ in wheat needs cost-effective early control  

A perfect storm of late-drilled fields, susceptible varieties and a mild winter mean that yellow rust is now lurking in many winter wheat crops, said a Syngenta cereal disease expert.

How do we measure ‘environmentally good’, and how will this impact on productive land?

Farming and food production is full of uncertainty at the moment – driven by the extreme wet weather, funding for environmental schemes taking priority over growing crops, and lack of data for decision-making.

Growers urged not to underestimate the importance of zinc this spring

Tissue analysis samples from 2023 have shown that 75% of cereal crops had below optimum levels of zinc, meaning a foliar application of the nutrient would have been beneficial, according to the latest findings from FMC.

See how Somerset boutique hotel produces home-grown flour

The Newt in Somerset, a part of the Newt Estate, which was recently named one of the best boutique hotels in the world, took on a challenge to supply its restaurants with ingredients grown, foraged and reared on the site. The processing of its own heritage wheat will enable home-grown flour to become a valuable additional ingredient. 

The grain market is putting a lot of faith in Mother Nature to perform

Major wheat exporter stocks are already the lowest they have been for a decade, and the market appears to have very little risk premium factored in for any major weather issues.

Scottish Grain handling demo days are hugely successful and informative

Earlier this month, Scottish farmers had an opportunity to discuss topics about grain drying, storage and processing with post-harvest equipment experts from McArthur BDC and Sellars Agriculture during demo days. 

Influencing resilient disease control

Compounding the huge health and growth variation among winter wheat crops this year, recent research by NIAB has shown how leaf layer emergence can vary by 10 days or more within a variety – so accurately timing sprays will not be simple. Speakers at a recent BASF event gave insights into factors which will influence resilient disease control for the winter wheat crop.

Trials assess benefits of wider seed bands

A crop establishment trial to find out whether drilling wheat and barley crops in wider, shallower bands results in the plants making better use of the extra space is proving to be an effective strategy. David Williams found out more.

It’s never too early to be thinking about harvest

The Ceres Barn-Stormer Grain Pusher offers you an efficient and reliable method for controlling your cereal storage, the company says.

Test farm-saved seed to mitigate spring barley seed-borne disease risks

Growers are being urged to test and/or treat farm-saved spring crop seed for diseases such as loose smut and seed-borne net blotch.

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