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Govt to crack down on solar panels projects on prime farmland

Local councils will be advised not to approve solar panels on high quality farmland unless “necessary” according to a written ministerial statement laid before parliament.

Act now as blowfly risk rises across UK

Action is needed now to prevent blowfly strike as red alerts are being sent to farmers across the South, Midlands and Eastern UK.

Carbon credits: A threat or opportunity for farmers? 

With recent figures showing over half of farm sales last year were to non-farmers, and reports of farmers being outbid for land that is being put into woodland or other offsetting projects, we explore the threats and opportunities of these schemes.

Hundreds of CNH Industrial workers to go on strike

Over 500 CNH Industrial workers – comprising nearly the entire shop floor of the Basildon factory which produces New Holland tractors – are striking during May over a pay dispute.

Soil leaching threatens animal health after turnout

After relentless heavy rainfall, nutrition specialists are concerned about forage quality due to mineral leaching from the soil.

Avian flu in US dairy cattle being closely monitored by Defra

Defra said it is monitoring the situation closely after media reports of highly pathogenic avian influenza in dairy cattle in the US.

Collings Brothers ceases trading with immediate effect 

Cambridgeshire dealer Collings Brothers said the current economic climate has put the business under significant pressure, forcing its closure.

Exmoor Horn: Dual-purpose breed offers value as farming policy shifts 

Originating from Exmoor National Park, the hardy Exmoor Horn sheep breed is an ideal grazer for marginal and wildlife-rich grassland – securing its place as an important part of future farming businesses. Not only that, but it’s also valued for its high-quality fleece and meat. We spoke to the breeders’ society to find out more.

SFI cap welcomed by farming groups

Farming groups have expressed relief that the government has listened to the sector’s growing fears that environmental schemes could pose a threat to food security.

Controversial Red Tractor module axed 

Red Tractor’s chair has acknowledged that errors were made in the development of the Greener Farms Commitment.

FETF: Animal Health and Welfare grants now available

Farmers can now apply for FETF funding to help pay for equipment and technology to improve animal health and welfare.

What government grants can farmers apply for now?

As the government opens up new rounds of FETF funding this spring, we take a look at what farmers can apply for now, as well as future dates to keep in the diary.

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