Farm theft – is your farm secure?

According to the NFU, rural crime in the UK rose by 22.1% last year and cost an estimated £49.5m – crimes including fuel thefts, livestock rustling/worrying, fly-tipping as well as stolen machinery, equipment and vehicles.

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With rural crime rates on the rise, Farmers Guide has collated a list of companies offering premium security products/services to help in the preventative fight against farm theft and costly destruction.

Secured by Design

Celebrating 35 years, Secured by Design (SBD) is the official police security initiative operating an accreditation scheme on behalf of the UK Police Service for products or services that have met recognised security standards. These products or services – which must be capable of deterring or preventing crime – are known as being of a ‘Police Preferred Specification’. 

Products that have met the SBD Police Preferred Specification provide reassurance to the purchaser or user that the products have been independently tested to the relevant security standard and fully certified by an independent third-party certification body, recognised by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) or an alternative approved body.

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There are many hundreds of companies who produce over 7000 individual attack resistant crime prevention products in more than 30 different categories that have met the exacting Police Preferred Specification and these products can help protect against farm theft and deter criminals from targeting them.

The company knows the impact of rural crime on UK communities and works with partners to make life harder for these criminals, as rural communities have enough daily challenges without losing essential tools and machinery to thieves.

The SBD Rural & Agricultural Security Advice Hub has a wide range of practical advice and assets that will help to support rural and agricultural communities in the prevention of this type of crime. SBD’s advice offers best practice, alongside practical crime prevention methods and alongside this, the company has listed SBD member companies that offer products that have been tested and certified to meet the exacting standards you would expect from the police all to give you confidence and peace of mind. Simply look for the ‘Police Preferred’ logo.

Visit the website.

CONTACT : or call 0203 8623 999

West Country Tech

Based in South West England, West Country Tech is dedicated to enhancing the operational efficiency of farms, holiday lets, shepherd huts, and caravan sites through cutting-edge technology solutions. The company’s expertise spans into advanced CCTV systems, intruder alarms, customised internet installations and Wi-Fi services – designed to ensure optimal connectivity and security across all rural properties.

To offer a glimpse into West Country Tech’s work and the tangible benefits the company delivers, the team have curated a selection of project videos and customer interviews here. Explore firsthand accounts and visual evidence of how these installations make a real difference :

For those interested in elevating their property’s technological infrastructure, West Country Tech provide a comprehensive approach to security and connectivity, tailored to meet the unique needs of the rural business and leisure sectors.

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CONTACT : or call 01884 669030

Solar Gate Systems

Solar Gate Systems’ award-winning, market-leading automatic solar powered gate products are manufactured specifically for use in the UK. Fully automatic gate opening, closing and locking systems can now be installed anywhere, thanks to natural solar power.

In many rural situations, keeping a gate closed and locked is not practically possible; either due to a lack of an electricity supply or the sheer daily complications of manually opening and closing a busy entrance or exit gate with the comings and goings of a busy farm, estate, yard or even private house.

But by using the power of the sun, Solar Gate Systems has developed a range of solar powered automatic gate opening, closing and locking systems designed for constant high security — in any location — but with the ease of operation at a touch of a button using secure hand held remotes, keypads – and now even by ‘free to use’ mobile phone control systems.

Based in Oxfordshire the company supply and install a range of solar powered automatic electric gate opening and closing systems across the South, West and East Midlands and South West UK, all naturally powered by the sun.

Keep out unwanted visitors in remote locations, by keeping your gate locked without the hassle of using a padlock and chain. Full automation is now available for busy farm traffic, livery yards, and a host of other rural locations, guaranteeing year-round operation. Collectively, the company’s customers own or farm in excess of half a million acres.

Visit the website.

CONTACT : or call 01993 840066.

Elite Precast Concrete

With rural crime hitting yet another high in the UK, securing your farm has never been more important with farmers often feeling vulnerable, in what is not only their workplace, but also their family home.

It is clear that being able to stop or delay criminals is just one way to keep goods, livestock and land secure – however it is not always that easy.

Which is why, Elite Precast Concrete offers a range of security blocks and barriers that include Temporary Vertical Concrete Barriers, Vehicle Security Barriers, Vehicle Containment Barriers, Hostile Vehicle Mitigation, Tank Trap Pyramid Barriers, Jersey Barriers, Security Blocks and Security Planters, all providing the perfect combination of security and decoration. Available from stock within days of ordering.

This, along with security lighting and CCTV can help protect areas that cannot always rely on modern security methods, which need constant internet connectivity.

Elite Precast Concrete security blocks and barriers are made of precast concrete for a reason the company claims. The heavy-weight nature of the security products makes it difficult for criminals to remove, drive through them, or even destroy them, however everyday farming machinery can easily be used to install or move them to the desired location.

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CONTACT : or call 01952 588885

EstateGuard Gates

If you are looking for a gate that combines ‘style, security, and convenience’, consider EstateGuard‘s premium range of cantilever sliding gates, as well as the company’s Five Bar Style hinging gates. Both are readily available from stock for immediate enhancement of your property.

Combining ‘robust elegance’ and ‘modern technology’, the cantilever sliding gate is designed to glide effortlessly across your entrance, providing solid security without the need for a ground track. This means no debris or snow can obstruct your gate’s motion, ensuring reliable operation in all weather conditions. EstateGuard claims that due to the use of high-grade materials, these gates are a statement of durability that secures your premises with an aesthetic appeal.

Meanwhile, the company’s Five Bar Style hinging gates are the ‘quintessence of traditional charm blended with contemporary ease’. These classic gates are engineered for swift and hassle-free installation, pre-hung and pre-assembled, they arrive ready to swing into action.

Choosing the right gate can offer peace of mind – knowing your property is guarded by tried-and-tested products. Ready to be dispatched and configured to your access control requirements, EstateGuard believes that investing in the perfect blend of ‘elegance, security, and convenience’ comes hand-in-hand with their gates. 

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CONTACT : or call 01371 831731

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