Jeremy Clarkson: Send youngsters to farms rather than national service 

Responding to the Prime Minister’s plans to bring back national service for 18-year-olds, Jeremy Clarkson has a different idea. 

Responding to the Prime Minister's plans to bring back national service for 18-year-olds, Jeremy Clarkson has a different idea.
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Last week, in his first policy announcement of the election campaign, Rishi Sunak said that teenagers would have to enrol in the military for 12 months or spend one weekend each month volunteering in their community.  

Clarkson called the idea “absolutely idiotic” – and said British youngsters should spend some time working on farms instead.  

His followers asked the celebrity if he was looking for free labour, but he said he would be happy to pay. 

National service 

Between 1949–1960, British men aged 17–21 had to undertake mandatory military training. 

National service meant 18 months of military training and spending four years on a reserve list.  

A Royal Commission is set to design the new national service programme, with a pilot scheme opening for applications in September 2025, ahead of a national rollout by 2029.  

The proposal was immediately criticised by Labour members. 

Political influence 

Clarkson has been outspoken on a number of political issues affecting farmers, including the Welsh Government’s plans for the Sustainable Farming Scheme (SFS).

Early this year, he posted on social media: “I’m trying to see the Welsh farming policy from the government’s point of view. And I just can’t. It’s completely daft.” 

Clarkson’s name has been mentioned by a group of pro-green Conservative MPs who wanted to make it easier for farmers to open farm shops. 

Photo by Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime series Clarkson’s Farm has often highlighted the importance of buying your food from local producers. 

Thanks to Clarkson, farmers can now convert unused farm buildings into new homes, farm shops and gyms. 

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