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Are pumpkins for more than just Halloween?

Pumpkins might still be seen as a quintessentially American crop, but the last 30 years have seen their slow, steady rise in the UK arable sector. This rise has led to a now booming industry providing diverse income for farms across the UK.

Diversified farms could benefit as holidaymakers look for dog friendly options

Ninety-five per cent of dog owners are looking to take their pet on holiday, research from leading rural insurer NFU Mutual has revealed, providing farms with hospitality diversifications a potential market boost.

Could wind make your electricity for you?

Producing off-grid electricity from the wind can be an ideal power source in rural locations, to contribute to your power requirements or offset consumption from the grid. FuturEnergy explains how to get started.

Miscanthus finance and end-user offtake agreements assist UK decarbonisation

Farmers considering planting the carbon negative crop Miscanthus can now benefit from a finance package to cover virtually all upfront costs for crop establishment, as well as new direct, long-term offtake agreements with end-users, with 10–15-year index-linked annual returns.

Power Purchase Agreements for diversifying into power generation

If you’re a farmer who produces more energy than you use, you’ll have the opportunity to sell your excess power back to the grid as a source of revenue. A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) could help you achieve best value by agreeing to sell to a third party, often at a fixed price and for a set period.

Landowners approached by developers: Option or Promotion Agreement?

Nick Harper FAAV MRICS, managing director of Hawkspur – specialists in option and promotion agreements for landowners – offers his advice.

Diversification: Where to begin

As diversification becomes increasingly important to rural businesses, James Whilding, managing director of Acorus Rural Property Services Ltd, offers advice on potential barriers and how to get started.

Opportunities to set up a distillery or microbrewery

If you are looking to start a new diversification project, Brew-School owner Chris Horne says farmers have a built-in advantage when it comes to brewing and distilling businesses.

Getting started with solar

Whether you want to make the most of your existing solar tech, or you’re looking to diversify into renewables to improve your green credentials but not sure where to start, you’re not alone.

Glamping business booming as staycation trend continues

After months of lockdown and a degree of ongoing complexity around overseas travel, the staycation market continues to thrive, says Glampsan general manager Jon Trelfa, who offers advice on a key aspect of all glamping businesses – waste.

Combining regenerative ag with diverse income streams

Ben Taylor-Davies, aka RegenBen, spoke at Groundswell this year. He discussed how the main focus of his farm is giving something to the next generation.

VAT changes could hit farm businesses

Accountancy Saffery Champness is advising farms that provide accommodation services or catering to be aware VAT changes could hit farm businesses from 1st October.

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