Are cattle crushes really worth the investment?

With continually rising costs on farm, finding and exploiting efficiencies is more important than ever. IAE explores the benefits of cattle crushes on farm, particularly when it comes to safety and efficiency.

Cattle crushes on livestock machinery farming article

Since IAE started to manufacture cattle crushes in 1990, the company says it has seen huge strides in features and performance – from very basic painted units with limited access, to its premium squeeze range, it has continually evolved and improved its offerings. IAE says cattle crushes are in its DNA and the next step for the company is revolutionising.

By definition, a cattle crush is a strongly built stall or cage that holds big, heavy and strong animals like cattle so that handlers (including vets) can work with them – however, in reality it is much more.

IAE explores the advantages of utilising a cattle crush on farm, highlighting particularly its impact upon efficiency and safety…

Increased safety

Cattle crushes on farming article

The safety of both the cattle and handlers is of utmost importance on any farm. A cattle crush offers a secure environment for conducting routine procedures such as TB testing, artificial insemination (AI) and administering other treatments, which significantly reduces the risk of injuries to both animal and handler.

By restraining cattle, it minimises the chances of accidents or unpredictable behaviour during tasks such as tagging, vaccinations, and hoof trimming. This not only protects the animal but also ensures the safety of the handler.

By tactically placing cattle access points, IAE aims to minimise as much risk as possible to create a safe working environment, and with the addition of optional extras, such as a cattle crush extension, further precautionary measures can be taken. For example, the side doors of the extension will swing 90 degrees inwards and lock across the back of the crush. This prevents the animal from being able to kick the handler whilst pregnancy diagnosing or artificially inseminating the cow.

Improved cattle management

Managing a herd of cattle can be challenging, but a cattle crush simplifies the process. It allows for better control and management of the animals. The crush facilitates easy separation and sorting of cattle for various purposes, such as breeding, medical treatments and weighing. With individual animals restrained within the crush, handlers can inspect and treat them individually, improving overall herd health and welfare.

IAE cattle crushes on livestock farming article

Enhanced efficiency

Time and labour savings are crucial factors in running a successful farm. A cattle crush streamlines the handling process, resulting in increased efficiency. Its efficient design allows for quick and easy access to the animals, reducing the time and effort required for each procedure. By eliminating the need for extra manpower, farmers can handle larger herds with ease, increasing productivity on the farm.

Reduced stress for cattle

Stress can have a detrimental impact on cattle health and productivity. A good cattle crush will minimise stress levels for the animals. The gentle and secure restraint provided by the crush keeps the cattle calm and relaxed during various procedures, and reduced stress leads to improved overall animal welfare and productivity, ensuring healthier and more productive cattle on the farm.

Cattle crushes on livestock machinery farming article

There are extensive benefits to using a cattle crush in handling dairy and beef cattle on the farm. It provides increased safety for both the animals and the farmers, improved cattle management, enhanced efficiency, and reduced stress levels for the cattle. By implementing and investing in this efficient and safe equipment, farmers can enhance their cattle management practices and see a return that ensures the success of their operations.

Investing in the right crush will make a difference to farm safety, cattle welfare and your bottom line, IAE concludes.

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